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Workspace customer Quell Tech celebrates $3M in seed funding

We catch up with the fitness-tech company taking the world by storm with their immersive combat game as they settle into their new office at Kennington Park.
18 January 2021

The art of collaboration: land your dream client with Workspace

Designer Solomia Zoumaras signed a creative collaboration with her dream client. Find out how a coaching workshop sparked her success.
15 December 2020 | Covid-19 support

Find and Attract Your Dream Clients

If you're a freelancer or agency in the creative industry, join us for this 90 minute workshop that focuses on the best strategies to find dream clients, get paid what you ask and build a business you love.
25 November 2020

5 types of agile funding you need to know about

Businesses need to access fast and flexible financing more than ever before. Learn about how “agile funding” can boost your business’ growth.
16 November 2020 | Business finance

Harness the power of LinkedIn

Hear from the experts on how to make the most of the site for your business
11 November 2020 | Marketing

It's time to bounce back

In partnership with Investors in People, catch up to hear from industry experts and learn how to effectively rebuild and get back to business. 
29 October 2020 | Video library

WBI: Rewiring your role - The new dimensions for tomorrow’s CEO

Catch up on practical insights and guidance that will help shape your thinking, and validate your strategy, during a period of historic uncertainty.
29 October 2020 | Video library

WBI: Adapting to the present - building and funding commercial Innovation

During these times businesses are needing to adapt and innovate to survive. Catch up for insights on harnessing innovation and shaping a commercially viable strategy.
29 October 2020 | Video library

How to build a thriving company culture

Bruce Daisley, Sunday Times bestselling author and host of the UK's number one business podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat, speaks to Workspace on developing company culture in a pandemic.
23 October 2020 | Business insight

Boost staff learning and development for stronger growth

Upskill staff to keep them engaged and on track during times of change
23 October 2020 | Growth and strategy

The End of Furlough - Safeguard Cash and Retain Critical Talent

As the Furlough Scheme comes to an end many sectors are still experiencing weak and uncertain demand. Join this free webinar and discover the tools and tactics at your disposal to reduce operating costs, hold onto cash and retain critical talent.
13 October 2020 | Past events

Finding their flexibility: December19 joins the Workspace Community

As media agency December19 settles into Clerkenwell Workshops, founders Dave Barnett and Dan Pimm explain why seeking flexible office space during a pandemic was the best move for them.
02 October 2020 | Covid-19 support

Mental health matters

One in two founders have at least one form of mental health illness, but entrepreneurs often hesitate to speak out about their struggles for fear of looking weak. Thankfully, the tide seems to be turning.
17 September 2020 | Covid-19 support

Advice Clinic

Hear from the experts on some of the most common work issues facing businesses today
15 September 2020 | Covid-19 support

5 things to consider when growing your business

Even for fast growing SMEs, getting the balance right between fast growth and long-term sustainability is a real challenge, as is recognising the right time to grow. Read our advice on what to consider when looking to grow your business.
15 September 2020 | Business insight

Holding client meetings from anywhere

With a whole new way of working, let’s talk hosting client meetings from anywhere and the steps you can take to maintain the utmost professionalism.
19 August 2020 | Covid-19 support

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