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Meet The Founder

We sat down with Chelsea Chen, Co-founder of AI start-up Emotech.
01 August 2020 | Customer stories

A Q&A with Mare Street Studios designers, Frost Architects

As Workspace's latest building, Mare Street Studios in Hackney, opens its doors to a swath of new and exciting businesses, we speak to Daniel Frost and Simon Mellor, Directors of Frost Architects, the brains behind the new build.
31 July 2020 | London life

Rolling onwards and upwards

Wild cosmetics is shaking up the personal care industry one deodorant stick at a time, with vegan-friendly and sustainable values at its core. We find out how the UK's number one natural deodorant brand is growing its team and expanding its Workspace office, without breaking a sweat.
31 July 2020 | Growth and strategy

Meet The Founder: A Q&A with Adrian Shedden, Co-founder of Lumio

We spoke to Adrian Shedden, Co-founder of fintech start-up Lumio based at Clerkenwell Workshops in Farringdon. He shares his entrepreneurial story, advice on pitching to investors, and what it's like to navigate a small team through a pandemic.
31 July 2020 | Covid-19 support

Is Islington the new place to base your business?

With thousands of businesses choosing the area for a base, we find out what makes Islington so attractive to companies of all shapes and sizes.
22 July 2020 | London life

Six ways CEOs can successfully lead their team into a new normal

Leading through uncertain times means navigating all new challenges and accepting that you will make mistakes along the way. These are some key things every successful leader should consider when directing their team through a crisis and safely out the other side – whatever that may look like.
21 July 2020 | Covid-19 support

5 ways to work best as a team post-lockdown

From sparking creative thinking to boosting team morale, here are five ways you can optimise your team's productivity, boost wellbeing, and keep your employees connected and motivated as you transition into working across office and home locations once lockdown lifts.
09 July 2020 | Covid-19 support

Workspace heroes: Fusion Media launches #BikeIsBest campaign

Adam Tranter, CEO of Fusion Media and Bicycle Mayor of Coventry, tells us how he’s pedalling for change as he unites the cycling industry in a nationwide campaign to show the UK public that there's never been a better time to ride a bike.
01 July 2020 | Covid-19 support

How to prepare for your new commute to work

Bike, tube, bus, walking, or car? Here’s how London is adapting to meet your commuting needs post-lockdown and some key points to consider before you plan the best way to travel into work.
25 June 2020 | Covid-19 support

Workspace heroes: Jewellery brand Astrid & Miyu on thriving during a pandemic

We caught up with Connie Nam, founder of trendy jewellery brand Astrid & Miyu based at Workspace Edinburgh House in Kennington. She shares her secrets to thriving during the pandemic, Astrid & Miyu’s expansion plans and how Black Lives Matter inspired her to launch a new business accelerator programme
25 June 2020 | Covid-19 support

New government-backed funds to boost your business

Record sums of government money are on tap to help businesses invest, pivot and grow as the UK recovers from the coronavirus
25 June 2020 | Covid-19 support

7 key measures to help you get back to your office

As restrictions start to ease, many businesses will be starting to think about their return to the office and how to do it in the safest possible way. Follow these tips to help you prepare your workplace for a safe return.
12 June 2020 | Covid-19 support

Social distancing in the workplace: How to design a safe office layout

As businesses look to returning to work outside of the home, office spaces are being reimagined to make room for social distancing. While no one-size-fits-all template exists for all companies, here are some initiatives to consider when planning your return-to-office strategy – and adaptability will be key.
04 June 2020 | Covid-19 support

How should businesses look to support staff after lockdown?

As the country returns to work, what mental health resources are available for people and how can businesses look to support staff?
04 June 2020 | Covid-19 support

Top tips for working with loved ones

From Gucci to Ford, some of the world's most successful businesses are family-run. But for many of us, now we don’t have a choice of who our co-workers are. Let Workspace help you manage.
04 June 2020 | Covid-19 support

How is COVID-19 reshaping company culture?

As remote and flexible working becomes the "new normal" and teams cautiously navigate social distancing restrictions, how is company culture changing for the better and what trends can we expect to see emerging in a post-COVID world?
02 June 2020 | Covid-19 support

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