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How will office design be impacted after lockdown ends?

As we turn our minds to the future, how could office design be impacted by COVID-19, and what has Workspace planned for our buildings?
21 May 2020 | Covid-19 support

Federation of Small Businesses Q&A: What business leaders need to know to survive the crisis

Business leaders forging a path through the “recovery phase” of the coronavirus pandemic need to forecast future turnover, staffing needs, that all-important cash flow and more to ensure they survive. The Federation of Small Businesses shares its sage advice.
21 May 2020 | Covid-19 support

How to prepare to settle back into your office after lockdown

In light of the government's new guidelines on how UK businesses can reopen their workplaces, Workspace is working hard to ensure its customers feel secure and safe in returning to work when the time comes. In preparation, here are some key precautions to think about when getting ready to re-enter your office space.
13 May 2020 | Covid-19 support

Workspace heroes: Fashion brand Dai Wear steps up in the face of coronavirus

We dial into Zoom with Joanna Dai, founder of ethical fashion brand Dai Wear based at E1 Studios in Whitechapel. She tells us how she's busy donating easy-wash, "power" trousers to frontline NHS workers and preparing to launch a range of high-end protective face masks for the public.
13 May 2020 | Covid-19 support

Top resources to keep your kids entertained while working from home

We've scoured the internet to find the best resources for parents who need help entertaining their little ones while they get down to business from home.
27 April 2020 | Covid-19 support

Expert financial and funding guidance for leaders amid the COVID-19 crisis

Chris Dines, CEO of Informed Funding (IF), identifies the best financial and funding options currently available for businesses that need help during lockdown, and shares his expert advice on where to find the most up-to-date information.
27 April 2020 | Covid-19 support

How CEOs can keep their remote workforce connected and happy

As lockdown continues, CEOs need to stay ahead of the curve and adopt the latest leadership and technological tools to keep remote workforces connected and happy. Beat the FaceTime fatigue, win over your workforce.
22 April 2020 | Covid-19 support

7 steps to creating the perfect home office

Working from home can be a challenging feat if you don't create the right space. Here's a step-by-step plan on how to build the optimum working environment to help you stay happy and focused.
21 April 2020 | Covid-19 support

How to not get bored of working from home

From plugging into AI-generated music to setting scheduled alarms, follow these simple tips to supercharge the way you work from home, inject some fun into your daily routine, and quell the desire to fall asleep at your desk.
21 April 2020 | Covid-19 support

Fitter, happier, more productive: The keys to wellness while working from home

We’ve pulled together some handy tips and advice to help you feel happier and healthier while working from home.
13 April 2020 | Covid-19 support

5 ways to help your business survive coronavirus

You will have already changed the way your business operates in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis and the new lockdown way of life in the UK. Here's a five-step checklist signposting the information and advice you should continue to monitor as a business owner to give yourself the best chance of survival during this challenging time.
27 March 2020 | Covid-19 support

Stress Less

Expert tips on how to keep your body and mind healthy despite pressure at work
25 March 2020 | Doing The Right Thing

Office productivity problems and how to fix them

We look at six common issues around productivity at work, and how you can tackle them
17 February 2020 | Growth and strategy

Blossoming business success: The Edible Blooms story

Australian brand Edible Blooms has landed at Workspace and their novel chocolate flower arrangements are taking the UK by storm.
12 February 2020 | Customer stories

Choosing the right London office for your business

Which London location is right for your business? What hidden costs should you look out for? Is your current building the best option? Or would a whole new location be more cost-effective? There are a lot of questions to ask when you’re selecting somewhere in the big city to base your company.
10 February 2020 | Growth and strategy

BYBI Susty Summit: What does the New Year hold for sustainability?

We joined BYBI (which stands for By Beauty Insiders) at their sustainability summit as they picked the brains of environmental experts Hannah Pathak, Director of Forum for the Future, and Emily Sharples from South Pole. Here’s what they had to say.
20 January 2020 | Doing The Right Thing

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