This week, the nation’s writing and drawing fanatics are celebrating National Stationery Week, which aims to get more people putting pen to paper and writing more often. In aid of this week’s cause, we spoke with Workspace’s own stationery customer, Prontostat, which provides a bespoke, stationery service to both public and private sector clients, to find out more about the state of play in today’s stationery industry.

What is National Stationery Week?

The week’s event founders believe that ‘writing matters’, even though more people are utilising technology available. They believe that pen and paper can co-exist alongside tablets, smartphones and stylus.

According to YouGov research commissioned by National Stationery Week, the vast majority (94%) of adults think that writing by hand is still important, with 97% believing children must still be taught to write.

The week-long event is designed to encourage people to put pen to paper more often and shine a light on the great range of stationery available for individuals and businesses today.

We caught up with Ashley Maher, director, Prontostat to find out more about his family-run stationery business based at Southbank House and how the stationery industry has evolved in recent times.

Tell us a little about you and your business…

At Prontostat, our ethos is firmly rooted in a family-based company, enabling us to focus on providing a more bespoke, personal stationery service targeted to the needs of clients in both the public and private sectors.

ProntostatThe company's 2017 brochure


We partner with many of the leading office, paper and printing suppliers, namely HP, Pentel, Pilot, Rexel, Staedtler, Brother, 3M and many more to create one of the UK’s leading online stationery superstores, offering next-day delivery anywhere across the country.

Has e-commerce changed the way stationery is bought and sold today?

E-commerce in the supply of office equipment, stationery and print media has opened up many new markets, especially since our new website went live earlier this year.

Are there any particular stationery trends that New and Growing Companies should be aware of?

There are many new and innovative products coming on stream such as 3D printers – which are now in high demand. So much so that many businesses now benefit from the cost-effectiveness of this new technology in design and application across a variety of industries.

What are today’s main challenges of operating a stationery business?

As a multi-faceted stationery business, we face many challenges today; especially as the European Union issues comes to the fore. However, on a positive note, this gives rise to many business ventures and opportunities to be developed throughout the world and at Prontostat we look forward to the challenges and opportunities in the years ahead.

What made you choose to base your business at a Workspace business centre? Would you recommend them?

We have been working from our base at The Fuel Tank for a number of years now. With Workspace, their support in the world of business and entrepreneurship is invaluable. We’ve benefitted greatly from their forward-thinking approach to connectivity and on-site facilities that’s enabled us to flourish to date.

Any Workspace customers keen for more information on the supply of office equipment and print media to your company should contact Ashley and the Prontostat team on where they’ll be happy to assist.