Looking to power your business to the next stage? All you'll need, from tips on growth hacking to advice on recruiting the right talent for your team is right here


Looking to power your business to the next stage? All you'll need, from tips on growth hacking to advice on recruiting the right talent for your team is right here

Business start-up costs: the must-read guide

As the home to London's brightest businesses, we've collated a definitive guide to the costs involved in starting up a new business – giving you an honest, transparent picture of the money you’re likely to need to either borrow or invest in the foundation of your start-up venture.
16 November 2016 | Business finance

5 types of agile funding you need to know about

Businesses need to access fast and flexible financing more than ever before. Learn about how “agile funding” can boost your business’ growth.
16 November 2020 | Business finance

Harness the power of LinkedIn

Hear from the experts on how to make the most of the site for your business
11 November 2020 | Marketing

Boost staff learning and development for stronger growth

Upskill staff to keep them engaged and on track during times of change
23 October 2020 | Growth and strategy

How to build a thriving company culture

Bruce Daisley, Sunday Times bestselling author and host of the UK's number one business podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat, speaks to Workspace on developing company culture in a pandemic.
23 October 2020 | Business insight

5 things to consider when growing your business

Even for fast growing SMEs, getting the balance right between fast growth and long-term sustainability is a real challenge, as is recognising the right time to grow. Read our advice on what to consider when looking to grow your business.
15 September 2020 | Business insight

Six ways CEOs can successfully lead their team into a new normal

Leading through uncertain times means navigating all new challenges and accepting that you will make mistakes along the way. These are some key things every successful leader should consider when directing their team through a crisis and safely out the other side – whatever that may look like.
21 July 2020 | Covid-19 support

Office productivity problems and how to fix them

We look at six common issues around productivity at work, and how you can tackle them
17 February 2020 | Growth and strategy

Choosing the right London office for your business

Which London location is right for your business? What hidden costs should you look out for? Is your current building the best option? Or would a whole new location be more cost-effective? There are a lot of questions to ask when you’re selecting somewhere in the big city to base your company.
10 February 2020 | Growth and strategy

The Scale-Up Series: why cash flow is the secret to business growth

Discover why cash flow is the secret to sustainable business growth, and how to make sure you don’t let it slip.
07 January 2020 | Business finance

Top 16 alternative funding sources for businesses

For businesses that are finding it difficult to gain access to capital through traditional lending sources, such as high street banks and lenders, worry not. Today, there is a plethora of alternative finance options available to entrepreneurs and established business owners.
03 January 2020 | Business finance

Welcome wellness into the workplace

Wellness is now part of the conversation in everyday life, yet when it comes to the workplace, many employers are still lagging behind. Here’s how to catch up...
18 November 2019 | Growth and strategy

How to make your office space more neurodiverse

1 in 7 of us in the UK are “neurodiverse”, but what does it mean to be neurodiverse and how can employers adjust the work environment to cater to this particular hidden disability? Journalist Helen Parton talks to the design experts and discovers how Workspace is driving positive change.
23 September 2019 | Marketing

How to crack the failure taboo (and get ahead)

When did you last make a major mistake at work? Getting it wrong may feel awful in the short term but it can ultimately help you succeed in business.
19 September 2019 | Growth and strategy

How to be a great leader at any level

Zara Bates, head of consulting and training at Strengthscope shares her five top tips for becoming a great business leader at all levels.
19 June 2019 | Growth and strategy

CAMPARI: preparing a business bank loan application

Bank loans are an important source of funding for any business, helping to fulfil orders, employ staff or finance patent protection applications. This guide uses a handy acronym to help you fully prepare for a loan application and maximise your chances of receiving capital.
11 June 2019 | Business finance

What’s the optimal office space design for productivity?

A quick Google of "productivity at work" will bring up a host of articles listing the ways successful people manage their time; organise their day; fit work into their busy lives. But what about the space you work in? How can that be designed to increase productivity?
03 May 2019 | Growth and strategy