Workspace is looking for female entrepreneurs to share their stories and inspire the next generation of women in business. Club Workspace host, Raissa, who’s spearheading the initiative, tells us more.

Ahead of the 'Empowering Young Women In Business' event at Club Workspace Farringdon, we asked Club Workspace host Raissa about the importance of encouraging women in entrepreneurship.

One of the stalwarts of Club Workspace, Raissa has been a host for the last four years, working across eight Clubs including Farringdon and Old Street. In that time, she’s hosted hundreds of breakfast meetings, organised numerous networking sessions and climbed Mount Toubkal in Morocco. We’re not joking; last year she was part of a team that walked up to eight hours a day for four days scaling peaks in support of the amazing XLP, a charity working to create positive futures for young Londoners.

We asked her about the work she’s doing to give female startups a boost.

When did you start working at Club?

Just a little over four years ago, during my eighth month with Workspace, there was an expansion of our co-working business hubs from two to five. I was attracted to the role right from the moment I saw the job description – the word “entrepreneurial” simply jumped out at me. It’s fair to say that this challenge was definitely going to be an opportunity to learn first-hand all I need to know about business.

Raissa, Club Workspace host


What’s your favourite thing about working with New and Growing Companies?

I just love working with the people behind these businesses. There’s something so inspiring about seeing the growth of an idea into a new business. Each person is their own brand. They have such passion and dedication; they are never complacent.

Tell us about your new initiative for encouraging female entrepreneurs…

My role at Club Workspace allows me to come across many entrepreneurs. Over the years I’ve admired many amazing individuals who are brave enough to dream big and have the courage to build those ideas into a business. I’ve observed that the majority of these brave souls are men, which is wonderful, but as a woman, I can’t help but want to see more women expand their ideas into realities, too. I believe that by sharing the different paths to success that have been walked, it will inspire someone somewhere to create their own path.

Ideas are worthless without execution.

Raissa, Club host.


So the aim with this initiative is to showcase the many amazing ladies within our network who I consider trailblazers in business. I’m very glad to have been given this opportunity and grateful that they want to share their journeys. The goal is to inspire women from all walks of life to be empowered and consider starting their own businesses.

What have you learnt?

I’ve learnt that it’s okay not to know everything before you set off on any business journey. A lot of stuff you try might not work, but by staying resilient and adopting a determined attitude, you turn what may be considered a failure into a lesson that elevates you to the next level.

Ideas are worthless without execution and you can be sure it will be challenging to make those ideas happen, especially when there are people telling you it will never happen. However, when you have focus and a clear vision of what you wish to achieve, it’s easier to create nothing into something. Most importantly, you have to love what you’re doing; passion is key.

Any good resources for new female entrepreneurs?

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Cherie Blair, who is a wonderful advocate of empowering women, and of hearing her views on the importance of diversity in business.

Her Cherie Blair Foundation offers an exclusive online platform that makes it possible for business mentees and mentors from around the world to connect, access training and resources, share ideas, build their networks and support one another. As entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey, the online community offers a critical support system.

I would encourage women entrepreneurs to be part of this interactive forum where participants are able to work together on solutions to challenges and forge connections over thousands of miles. 

Find out more about the 'Empowering Young Women In Business' event at Club Workspace Farringdon on September 28th. Please get in touch at for more details.