We find out how business owner and jewellery designer Farah Qureshi makes the most of her Super Connected community in London. Having just moved into Workspace’s newest re-development, The Record Hall, we find out why she thinks it’s an inspiring place to work.

Basing your business in the capital can see your profits and employees prosper in more ways than one. Aside from the transport links and latest tech, your business can be Super Connected within business networks like no other, bursting with opportunities and experience in your sector. Sharing ideas and connecting with others is a great way to stay motivated, creative and effective.


Farah Qureshi, who runs her own designer jewellery business from one of our newest spaces, The Record Hall, previously based at The OXO Tower Farah says “… I really like the building…the aesthetic and the working space”. By getting involved in events at the centre and using the break out spaces, Farah has been able to reach customers and showcase her work, not to mention meet other businesses in the building to share ideas and form a community. So, let’s find out some more about Farah and what keeps her Super Connected.  

Tell us a little about what you do?

“I design and make jewellery pieces from precious ethical materials and am a Fairtrade gold licence holder.  I create annual collections based around different themes and inspirations. The pieces are sold both in the UK and internationally. I also work to commission and create one off pieces, such as engagement and wedding rings. All the jewellery is handmade here in London.”



Being based in the heart of the iconic diamond district Hatton Garden, Farah is never far from fellow jewellers, which allows her to not only stay inspired, but also keep in touch with other businesses that she might want to work with.

“It’s within the Hatton Garden district and so near to the transforming Leather Lane, meaning I am now very close to the jewellery suppliers and jewellery specialists I work with, such as stone setters.” She says. 

 But Farah’s favourite part is designing her unique collections: “Working in a creative field is enjoyable and rewarding, it’s great to design collections, then see them as completed pieces ready to sell, and so lovely to hear positive feedback from customers who wear my jewellery. Plus, it's lots of fun to think about new or different ideas that can be translated into a variety of jewellery pieces.”


We asked what attracted you to moving your business to The Record Hall?

Farah was initially impressed by The Record Hall’s renovation. “I visited the Record Hall with two colleagues after seeing the Workspace website, and was impressed by how the building looked after being renovated.  The sleek modern design was very appealing and the large space within the studio was also a strong motivation.”

The building’s modern and sleek appearance has been a positive factor for all the businesses based there, it impresses both existing and potential clients. Farah’s business has use of one of the studios within The Record Hall, but customers can also use the café, with its comfy sofas and modern décor to entertain visitors or hold more informal meetings.

“I share my studio space with two other jewellers.” Farah explains, “I have a workbench where I create my pieces and space to display the jewellery for events. I have a consultation area as well, where customers can come to discuss jewellery projects with me. I’m grateful for the cafe where I can take a break but also have meetings in a more relaxed setting if I need to.”

 Workspace customers appreciate that access to the Workspace community of London businesses is unique and gives them a platform to consider avenues and opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Sharing comfortable communal spaces and attending the frequent events encourages conversation and helps people meet. Being Super Connected isn’t just staying in touch with similar businesses to yours, but discovering how completely differently others work. You never know what you might be able to bring to your company from outside your sector!


Customers often comment on the benefits of working in a building that stays busy, with lots going on, and Farah is no different. She was also extremely complimentary about the building’s communal spaces with a bustling café and many other smaller break-out areas making it easy to be Super Connected with others.

We asked how easy is it to get involved with activities happening at the centre?

“I like to work in a bustling environment, which I feel that The Record Hall is becoming and it’s great to work in such a smart modern building. The staff are helpful and it’s also a building which is safe to work in, event late into the evening. The building is very new so there’s been a lot of exciting activity going on to celebrate the opening and all the companies moving in. I attended the opening party and a WBI Dinner networking event with a panel on the theme of community, it’s fantastic that Workspace organize events such as these, which bring the different businesses at the centre and across the city together.


Although Farah has only been at the centre for five months, she’s already getting involved with some of the events available and collaborating with other businesses in the process.

“I will be taking part in an open studio event with two colleagues at the end of October, displaying my jewellery in reception as well, so I am beginning to get to know the other businesses. There are also a couple of events which Workspace are organising in the next few months which will provide good opportunity for myself and other businesses to meet and share ideas.”

Want to get Super Connected? The Workspace events calendar is always full of exciting talks, workshops and seminars that customers can attend. We supply the location and the like-minded professionals, all you have to do is to turn up and mingle! We also hold a quarterly Business Insights Dinner open to all Workspace customers, connecting them and equipping them with as much industry knowledge as possible.