Raissa is a Club Workspace host who can be found at Clerkenwell Workshops. She welcomed students Rae and Salma for InspiresMe Week.

InspiresMe Week is a scheme which gives young people valuable insight into the inner workings of startups and small businesses so they can learn entrepreneurial skills on the ground.

Inspiresme Week has been set up by the Workspace Group, the Greater London Authority and Business in the Community (BITC) to allow businesses to reach out and help young people gain experience and confidence in the professional world.

Raissa was just one of the Workspace Club hosts who took part in the scheme. We talked to her and the students about the benefits of entrepreneurialism.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

At Club Workspace, I am lucky that my role entails many different and exciting aspects that allow me to be around focused individuals who are determined to make their business a success. I am charged with forging a supportive community and creating an environment that allows for collaborative work. We strongly believe in adding value to our Club Workspace members and in my role, I seek to find opportunities that would facilitate success for our members by building stronger networks.

Why do you think InspiresMe Week is so worthwhile?

InspiresMe Week is one of the many amazing initiatives that Workspace is committed to delivering in order to inspire young people across London. I have participated in InspiresMe Week for three years now and I feel strongly that we have a positive impact by raising awareness of opportunities available to the next generation.

The internship is a great driver to encourage young people to dream big and to dare set goals.


It is important that the potential future entrepreneurs we inspire are well equipped with the knowledge and skills that they need to become their best self. Confidence is a key to achieving this and every year I have observed young people come to us enthusiastic but lacking in confidence. When they leave, they are more confident, more aware of their potential and more focused.

The internship is a great driver to encourage young people to dream big and to dare set goals. The nurturing and supportive environment we provide is an important factor in inspiring future generation into the working life, business and entrepreneurship.

We asked students Rae and Salma about their experience.

What have you learnt this week and how will you use these skills in the future?

Rae: This week I have learnt various business-related skills such as negotiation and strategic skills. I will be able to apply these skills into my everyday life or in a work environment... Therefore making everyone and myself happy!

I admire Drake and Kanye because they started from the bottom and made it.


Salma: I have learnt research skills that I will use in the future for school work and when I need to research jobs. I have also learnt about the importance of manners which I will use to help my communication skills both verbal and non-verbal. I was also able to practice my presentation skills which I will use when I need to present things. I learnt about SWOT analysis which I will be able to use to analyse all aspects of life.

Which entrepreneur do you most admire?

Rae: I admire Lord Sugar because, he and his family lived in a council flat. By the age of 16 he left school and went to make extra money selling car aerials which he bought with his savings. Now he is a billionaire having started from nothing to having everything. He sweated blood and tears.

Salma: I admire Drake and Kanye because they started from the bottom and made it.