Studio 32 Music, are an independent music studio who provide music for adverts, TV and film but are now branching into other fields. They've worked on campaigns for Mercedes, Nike and Playstation.

Studio 32 Music are an independent music studio who provide music for adverts, TV and film but are now branching into other fields. They've worked on campaigns for Mercedes, Nike and Playstation.

Founder Toby Slade-Baker takes some time out to tell us about his business and how he got started, what mad things he thinks his Executive Producer would be up to if he wasn't with Studio 32 and how he plans to personalise his office at Pill Box.

Tell us about your business and how you got started.

The business got started by accident really. I spent over ten years working in creative services for music publishers and music production companies, mostly in music research and licensing, then moving into production and composition as a focus over the last seven years. I have always had strong ideas about how I think things should be done in music and media production and it seemed that the only way I could do it right would be to do it myself.

So in 2012 I took a few months off and came back to work freelance with some of the loyal clients I had collected over the years. It has never been my intention to take over the world or to build a big hungry company but the phone was ringing a little too often for me to handle it myself so I took the step of officially launching Studio 32 and bringing on some staff and collaborators to effectively handle all the work. 

Where were you based before? Why have you decided to move into Pill Box?
We were based by Old Street before, in a studio on the 3rd floor of a post house. We had to move when they sold the building and the Pill Box came along at just the right moment. Suits me perfectly as it's a 10-minute walk from my house. Not so good for our Exec Producer Alex who has to mission from Tufnell Park. He wanted to stay in the Old Street office on his own. 
Business-wise, what are you most proud of?
Business-wise I'm most proud of the consistent level of service we offer our clients, both production and creative, and also the new-found diversity of work that is coming in 2014. It's a great feeling to be trusted to provide high-quality work and exciting to be moving away from 100% advertising into a wider range of projects including live music, long-form production and venue consultancy. 
What have been your biggest business challenges? 
Biggest challenge. Putting up with Alex! Either that, or the fact that increasing client demands seem to correspond with decreasing budgets. No surprises there though. 
If you weren’t in charge at Studio 32, what would you be doing? What do you think the rest of your team would be doing?
If I wasn't in charge of Studio 32 I would almost certainly be looking after a little row of beach huts on an island off the coast of Cambodia and using my free time to write music while looking out to sea. (I may actually go and do that right now).

Alex would probably be setting up some kind of experimental music exhibition where bearded folk create new 'compositions' by putting nuts and bolts into washing machines and setting them to full spin.
What are the most important things for you in an office space? What's your office luxury?
The most important thing for us is vinyl, turntable and great speakers. Other than that our office luxury would have to be our drinks cabinet which is fully stocked with bourbon, scotch and a few other goodies. 

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