Pulse Live is a digital agency based at Workspace Canterbury Court which enables sports federations, media publishers and brands, to connect their audiences to major live events through innovative digital products. Founded by Wyndham Richardson and Paul Hawkins (of Hawk-Eye fame) in 2011, Pulse has been based at Workspace since 2012. Their Business Development Director Kahlen Macauley told us a little more about the company.

Can you give me an idea of what Pulse was like when you founded the company?

When Pulse was founded in 2008, it shared an office with Hawk-Eye in Winchester that had very few windows and was in the middle of nowhere! Wyndham co-founded Pulse with Paul Hawkins, inventor of Hawk-Eye, and it was down to him to build the business and the expertise up from scratch to achieve his vision changing live sport through technology. Doing a lot of the programming and coding himself, Wyndham started to win a few clients and was able to expand and hire a few talented programmers and enthusiasts who shared his vision, setting Pulse on its current path.

Has Pulse grown in the way you expected?

Pulse has followed a steady growth path that has reflected the wins of the business since its inception. Evolving its services over time, Pulse started by providing basic polling service for broadcast integration in tennis back in 2008 (a very new concept back then) and now offers a range of services that aim to provide clients with a turn-key solution in the capture and delivery of sports content. The acquisition of both Hawk-Eye and Sony in 2011 allowed Pulse to reinvest a lot of resources back into the technology and product development. The last 12 months have been a period of significant growth, as Pulse has secured new clients and grown the team significantly - this culminated in recognition by Twitter who invited Pulse to become an Official Twitter Display Partner. This growth is expected to continue in a similar vein, as Pulse reinvestments back into every element of the business to continue to create innovative new digital experiences and products that excite, inform and entertain audiences.

Why is your business in London and why in this particular part of London?

London is a global centre for business and sports, so it makes sense for a company with Pulse’s ambition to be based here. Workspace Kennington Park offers Pulse a superb location that is close to central London with great transport links, tube to Waterloo and central London, and has all the resources required to expand and grow. Kennington is also coincidentally located right next to the Oval, which is ideal for Pulse whose major contracts are within cricket.

Where do you see Pulse going from here?

Pulse is going through a growth period of investment and evolution that will see the Pulse team expand and grow organically. Workspace is helping Pulse to do this by providing flexibility, competitive rates and support to ensure the business continues to thrive and have the facilities needed to become a globally recognised leader in its field.

Connect with them on Twitter @PulseLive
Find out more at www.pulselive.com