The past year has seen big changes at Arthur – a new name, new logo, new clients... Neill and Mark tell us about their rebrand, and their plans for the future.

We first featured design studio Project Arthur last year, when they talked about the history of the business, and their work for clients such as Nike, Fiat and Orange. Since then, change has been in the air. They're still based at Club Clerkenwell and they still have an impressive roster of clients – including Britvic and Urban Outfitters – but they've now dropped the 'Project' and are just plain, simple Arthur.

You've rebranded. Why? And what have been the logistical challenges?

Being a design agency and creating your own branding, rather than someone else's, is always tough.

After many, many iterations we decided on a progressive approach to the name, dropping the ‘Project’ and using a timeless, logo type, clear approach to the design, which can lend itself easily to social media.

The logistical challenges? Domain names, business accounts, stationery... The unglamorous side of rebranding. Yawn.

What else has Arthur got up to in the past year? Tell us about the artwork you did for Urban Outfitters.

We picked up a few new clients, including NBC, Britvic, and Coqueterra, a small Portuguese fashion brand. So we're keeping our approach of working with both small and large clients. Our strength lies in strong concepts and ideas, which allows us to work over both print and digital.

Urban Outfitters recently saw some of our bike-themed silkscreens online and asked to show them in store so, I guess, even they work across all platforms. Also available by dropping by!

What are the next steps for Arthur? 
Next steps for Arthur? We're always on the lookout for new challenges and people to collaborate with, and that keeps things fresh and us on our toes. 
What do you think the government should be doing to encourage and support new enterprises?

We need tax breaks for small businesses, and we need to invest in homegrown talent. Doesn’t matter if that's ideas, design, bags or cars. That goes for the football team as well!