Buddybounce brings artists and brands together with their super-fans. Its co-founder tells us more.

Buddybounce, a platform that allows music artists to engage with their super-fans, was one of the first businesses to set up in the Pill Box building in Bethnal Green. Founded by Emma Obanye and Giulia Piu in April 2013, it recently secured the first ever round of seeding from Angel Academe, an angel investment network for women. Emma took some time out to tell us more about her startup, how vital it is to have mentors, and what makes a good office space.

Tell us a bit about yourself...

A football and Vespa-loving digital geek.

Tell us about Buddybounce...

Buddybounce is a platform that connects celebrities and brands to their biggest fans.

Where were you based before? Why did you decide to move into Pill Box?

We were based at the Google campus for five months before finding Pill Box. We recently raised our seed round and were one of the first occupiers of a studio when Pill Box opened its doors. We decided to move here as it's an incredible space, close to home with some exceptional creative businesses.

Business-wise, what are you most proud of? Can you tell us about raising Angel Academe’s first seed round?

There are quite a few proud moments, but the initial launch of the Buddybounce website and raising our seed round are definitely two of the proudest. Pitching to Angel Acadame was a fantastic experience; the group were encouraging, warm and they gave us some frank, honest advice.

What have been your biggest business challenges?

The biggest business challenge to date was probably starting out. It's important to have the right support network to keep the momentum. We were lucky to have great advisors who helped, encouraged and inspired us. 

Where do you see Buddybounce in a year's time? In three years’ time?

Going from strength to strength. Further funding to take it to the next level!

What are the most important trends in digital marketing and music? What advice would you give someone starting in that industry?

User engagement. Social media has been fantastic in helping build an audience and at providing an easy way to communicate with that audience, but in order to maintain and grow it further you must truly engage your audience through great content. To someone starting out, I would say definitely take the time out to understand your audience. 

If you weren’t head honcho at Buddybounce, what would you be doing? What do you think the rest of your team would be doing?

Giulia and I both share full responsibility of running the business day to day (we're co-CEOs). If we weren't running Buddybounce we would probably be working on another startup idea.

Who would you ask (dead or alive) to be a dream member on your board of directors?


What are the most important things for you in an office space? What's your office luxury?

A balcony and light. We spend most of our time in our office and so it's important to feel comfortable, to be in a place that we love. We're lucky to have a great space at Pill Box, a real home from home. 

Follow Emma on Twitter @eobanye and find out what's happening at @BuddyBounceHQ