In just two years, We Draw Pictures has evolved into a creative digital agency that’s delivered many impressive mobile apps and engaging user experiences through its innovative processes. The Biscuit Factory’s characterful Bermondsey space has been the perfect home for Sam Angeli, founder and head of design at We Draw Pictures, to establish the agency as one he’d dreamt of working for years ago.

Today, Sam and his colleague, Tyrell are helping businesses domestically and worldwide make the most of their brand with inventive websites, web and mobile apps and products - created in the area they’ve lived their entire lives.

We caught up with Sam about the growth of We Draw Pictures, the benefit of their Biscuit Factory location and the clever way the agency has carved its own niche in a highly competitive marketplace:

Tell us more about We Draw Pictures – and what encouraged you to start your own business?

We Draw Pictures is about helping businesses craft fruitful and engaging digital experiences. We love the digital world and all its quirks, so after spending many years working for other agencies where we felt they had begun to lose their way, we opted to create our own!

We hope that with the work we are doing we are pushing the good ship forward.

What attracted We Draw Pictures to The Biscuit Factory? How has Workspace enabled your business to grow?

The Biscuit Factory was perfect for us in a couple of ways. We knew the area really well: both Tyrell and I have lived in the area all our lives. We even went to the now-abandoned college across the road!

It also had a great price-to-location ratio for us and our clients. Better still, being only a blistering eight minutes from the St James of Bermondsey – where we can cruise on down to grab a cheeky pint or two after work – was a real winner for us!

How has We Draw Pictures managed to forge a niche within such a competitive marketplace?

I think we have managed to carve out a reputation as the start-ups design studio. We’ve built some great products domestically and internationally, had them featured in multiple stores across the world and all from scratch.

We’ve helped our clients organise and facilitate their ideas and we’ve transformed those ideas, placing them into the hands of their customers.

What does the future hold? Where do you want We Draw Pictures to be in 3 years’ time?

We have a couple of our own apps in the pipeline, so hopefully they’ll catapult us into all kinds of wonderful mayhem! If it all pans out, we’ll buy the go karting track next door and give all the ‘Biscuiteers’ a free ride!

Finally, what are the top tips you would give to any budding entrepreneur looking to start up in the digital marketplace?

Go forth and do; make friends and partnerships; be nice to each other and be aware of what you don’t know.

One thing’s for sure – with the rise of mobile usage and the 24/7 digital world we now live in, they’re likely to be kept extremely busy!

The Biscuit Factory is less than five minutes’ walk from Bermondsey tube station and is perfectly located for any New and Growing Company requiring fast links to the City. It’s a business home suitable for all types of businesses, with offices, studios, light industrial and workshop space featuring exposed brickwork and an abundance of natural light. If you wish to request a viewing of our available units at The Biscuit Factory, click here.