We're pleased to welcome the Vgreet to Workspace, whose main mission in life is to make your working life easier. The Vgreet is a video receptionist who will be there to help with all queries 24/7.

The Vgreet is going to make it as easy as possible for visitors to find your office. And ensure that all the right packages get to your door. It'll also make getting around your location so much simpler.

The Vgreet has just been installed in Metal Box, Kennington Park and the Light Bulb. Go and have a play on it.

What VGreet offers:

A directory of businesses in the centre.

An intercom-style link so visitors/couriers can contact you direct.

All the information about local amenities and what’s happening on-site.

A direct link to the customer service team.

1. I'm a business at Workspace and I want to update my details. What should I do?

All customers will need to make sure their details are up to date on net.workspace.co.uk. You will also have to include an appropriate number for visitors to contact your business via the Vgreet. An answering message will also have to be set up in case no one is available to answer the Vgreet call.

You can contact your Centre Manager for any questions and they will update your details according to your instructions.
2. Is it easy for visitors to find the Vgreet and contact our company on it?
The Vgreet will be placed in a prominent location in some Workspace business centres. Visitors will see it as soon as they come into the building. 
The Vgreet has an easy-to-use interface which will allow visitors to access all businesses based in the building via the Directory. You can choose whether visitors contact you via the your landline or a mobile number. 

They'll then be able to find your business's unit number and location and contact you via the Vgreet's intercom system.
3. I want to promote my business on the Vgreet, is that possible?
At the moment, it's not possible. However you can promote yourself via workspace.co.uk. Tweet out to @WorkspaceGroup for more details.
4. Who is updating the Vgreet with events and local goings-on?

The Vgreet will be updated via workspace.co.uk
5. Will centre managers still be on duty?

Centre managers will still be on duty to help with all your queries and requests. The Vgreet is not intended as a replacement, rather a go-to option if it's outside of office hours or you want to know about business contact details or Workspace events. The Vgreet will also give you direct access to the customer relations team.
We want your feedback:
This is the first release of the Vgreet and we’re very excited by the possibilities it offers. It’s an opportunity to improve visitors’ experience each time they visit Workspace.

Have a go on the shiny new touch screens that will greet you each time you walk past. We’d welcome your thoughts as we’re sure you’ll come up with even more innovative ways to use Vgreet! 
Let us know what you think of the Vgreet by tweeting out to @WorkspaceGroup.

Any questions? Tweet to @Vgreet.