With Halloween revellers counting down the hours until they can dust off the cobwebs from their costumes, we caught up with Workspace customers, Kit and Caboodle, who are planning spooky extravaganzas everywhere from Ibiza to Kings Cross.

Kit and Caboodle is a full service creative production and experiential events and design agency, serving corporate and private clients based in London and Ibiza. Based in Canalot Studios, Kit and Caboodle have recently worked with brands such as Facebook, Dishoom, Adidas and Nike.

We caught up with founder, CEO and creative director, Tanya Clark, who explained the reasons behind the formation of the agency, the challenges the business have had establishing themselves and much more.

Bringing the magic of film to the events industry

“I started my career in the film industry, creating incredible sets. I then transitioned across to environment design within the events industry,” said Tanya.

“I could see a real opportunity to inject some of the imagination from my film design background into event environments to make them unforgettable… Kit and Caboodle was born.

“The biggest challenge always is finding the very best people to realise your business dream with you. I’m fortunate to have found and recruited some incredible talent in our team!”

Canalot Studios: an inspiring home for creatives

Tanya believes the agency’s creative roots are the perfect fit at Canalot Studios, with a location that offers even more day-to-day inspiration.

“We love the relaxed and arty vibe of the building and its central canal-side location on the fringes of the Portobello Road,” adds Tanya.

So with the spooky season just hours away, what’s on the agenda for Halloween at Kit and Caboodle?

Spreading the joy of Halloween from London to Ibiza

“We’re very busy this Halloween: In Ibiza, we’ll be cranking up the subwoofers at a ‘pet-working’ event where we’re hosting a spooky dog fancy dress contest. The puparazzi won’t know what hit the island!

“Back in London, get on down to Granary Square behind Kings Cross at 6.30pm on Monday 31st for a zombie extravaganza; it’ll be a ‘Thriller’ flash mob dance and quite an experience.”

Thriller!The upcoming Halloween event from Kit and Caboodle

Experiential entertainment is taking over

The event design industry is undergoing an experiential revolution, says Tanya. “Everything is about experiential entertainment, whether it’s virtual or hard reality based and we’re enjoying bringing them both into the mix to create innovative ‘firsts’ and experiences for our clients.”

So what would Tanya do if she was tasked with creating the perfect Halloween party? What would it look like?

“I’d seek out an unlikely venue and transform it into a feast for the senses, invite our besties and turn up the tunes… expect the unexpected!”

There would certainly appear to be a bright future for Kit and Caboodle, with some world-leading brands already calling upon their creative talents to deliver something unusual, “whether it’s the ultimate party, unique environment design, construction or even a cunning stunt”.

“Known for delivering excellence, we’re excited about growing our team in other territories and continue doing more of what we do best,” added Tanya.

There’s nothing better about being your own boss than “being able to realise your own creative vision and dreams”, says Tanya, and we have no doubt we’ll be seeing and hearing Kit and Caboodle more often across London and beyond in the coming months and years.

Canalot Studios is a hotbed for creative New and Growing Companies. The perfectly presented studios boast fantastic levels of natural light and the industrial-chic interiors make for a very popular setting for everyone from architects and film producers to fashion houses and creative agencies like Kit and Caboodle. If you’d like to arrange a viewing of our available space at Canalot Studios, please click here.