Elin Haf Davies is a freelance consultant, who advises on paediatric research and clinical trials. She also does a lot of work supporting charities as well as helping Workspace  do the best they can at their corporate social responsibility. She mentored Melda, a nineteen year old who’s just finished at Aylewood Academy as part of InspiresMe Week, a scheme to inspire you people by showing them the world of entrepreneurship.

Elin, why did you decide to get involved in InspiresMe Week?

I’m a big believer in supporting young people to reach their potential. So this was a great opportunity to support a young person at the start of their professional life. 

What do you think your student has learnt this week? 

I hope that Melda has been able to take away the message that there are many different jobs that people can do. The conventional nine to five at the same office no longer applies. I hope that she could also appreciate that the world is her oyster and that she can achieve anything she wants with hard work, determination and dedication. 

...Melda also told us a little about herself and her experience

I’m Melda Akis and I am currently 19 years of age and living in Edmonton, North London. I’ve successfully finished 3 BTEC level qualifications (ICT, Applied Science and Health and Social Care) at Aylward Academy. I’m capable of working in a team but I prefer working on my own as I’m quite independent and know how to manage my time.

What were you looking forward to before starting the week? 

I thought I’d be able to boost my confidence skills by getting used to working in a busy background, and meeting and working with new people.

Tell us a bit about the business you’ve been working for, and what you’ve been doing?

My manager supports types of charities to help raise money. The main charity was Great Ormond Street Hospital where she rowed in a boat across the Atlantic Ocean to raise money for sick children. 

What have been the best parts of the work experience so far? 

So far the best experience I’ve gained is being able to take part in day-to-day meetings and working as part of a team.

InspiresMe Week has been organised in partnership with Business in the Community and the Greater London Authority. If you'd like to find out more about helping young people for a life in the workplace, please get in touch with Business in the Community