An upwardly mobile company based at Workspace in Wandsworth has bounced into the news as London's largest trampoline park. Read on to discover more about their journey to date.

Here at Workspace, we cater to a huge variety of companies: from coffee delivery services to underwear brands, from digital security companies to web developers, from climbing centres to bike manufacturers.

The latest company based at Workspace to bounce into the headlines is Flip Out. They’ve just been featured in TimeOut, Metro, the Evening Standard, and London Live among others. 

So what do they do?

Flip Out is a trampoline operator and they are opening a 45,000 square feet trampoline park in Wandsworth - in an old bingo hall owned by Workspace. The Flip Out store, as they're called, will be living proof that - according to TimeOut - ‘everything is more fun on a trampoline’.



There's a human pinball circuit, a huge pit filled 38,000 foam blocks for jumping into, as well as a parkour area that’ll allow you to channel your inner James Bond - Daniel Craig era - without worrying you’ll bellyflop on to the pavement.

The Evening Standard reviewed it last week:

‘An hour’s use of all the equipment costs £12 and the space has more than 120 interconnected Olympic trampolines fitted into the floor that let users bounce, hone their gymnastic skills, attempt tricks and improve fitness.’



It doesn't just cater for the youngsters either: there will also be Flip Fit cardio sessions and Flip Yoga. As the Metro put it, Flip Out certainly ‘sounds more fun than your standard gym session’. 

Flip Out, the UK's leading trampoline operators, are based at Workspace on Garratt Lane, which is adjoining Riverside Business Centre. The latest Flip Out store has opened in Wandsworth but they already have branches in Bristol, Portsmouth and Stoke. That's not all - they have also launched 50 stores in seven countries worldwide.

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