Extreme coworking: could you manage?

It’s no wonder then, that coworking has taken the world by storm - not to put too much of a dramatic spin on it… from Mumbai to Miami, coworking is most definitely the fresh new face of entrepreneurialism.  There are occasions though when something comes to our attention which pushes the notion of coworking to an extreme (and almost frighteningly intense) level. 

London’s SmartUp House

It was with curiosity and a puzzled head-tilt that we heard of a new London ‘project’ which has taken a rather interesting spin on the notion of coworking. In a move styled on the ‘no holds barred’ Silicon Valley approach to entrepreneurialism, the London SmartUP House is hoping to multiply all the great advantages which come from coworking within a highly concentrated environment.

Like a Big Brother house for startup founders (without the cameras and evictions, of course) SmartUp House is a luxury home in London (including a lovely garden) where five to seven entrepreneurs with a thirst for a more unusual startup experience can rent a room and set about growing their business into the next big thing.

There are some less adventurous founders who may be now wincing at their screen ‘who would want to put themselves into such an intense and inescapably work orientated environment?’, which is a totally understandable reaction.  But having a good deal of experience of the ‘startup scene’ we know that there is a minority of folks out there who would leap head-first into such a situation-  the ones who eat, sleep and breath startup founding.  This is why, bizarre as it may sound, we reckon this idea has real potential.

That’s not to say that we think there is going to be revolution where by all entrepreneurs suddenly abandon their families, friends and responsibilities and shack up together in swanky houses, but we can certainly see that there is room for at least one such residence in London - and there is real potential for the creation of at least some world leading businesses… here’s why.

To enter in to such an unconventional living arrangement you have to be dedicated… like super humanly dedicated.  You also need to be darn sure that your business is headed for the big time and what's more you must be someone who is incredibly sold on the whole collaborative working phenomena.  Put five to seven of these people together and the chances are something beautiful will occur.

The house will play host to regular mentoring sessions, BBQs and social gatherings with London's most successful entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs and founders.  

It will come as no surprise that the idea for the SmartUp house comes all the way from (you guessed it) Silicon Valley, and is being pioneered by Startup Grind- one of the areas most vocal startup communities which specialises in educating, inspiring and connecting CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs.  

In summary- SmartUp house, a great idea (if you like that sort of thing) and will probably spawn some mega-companies, but I think we’ll stick to co-working for now.  

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