“London is so cheap!”... Said no one. Ever.   

Yes, our wonderful glittering city may be many things, but cheap certainly isn't one of them.  

Fear not though, this is not a Dickensian rhapsody on the perils of capitalism, or the woeful price of theatre tickets. Certainly, some experiences are worth paying top dollar for, and we truly don't begrudge giving a premium for a special treat now and then.  

Generally speaking though, much of London’s delights seem to be priced in accordance with the temporarily deep pockets of eager tourists, or those whose financial situation removes the need for anything akin to a ‘budget’. For the standard Londoner however, a seemingly cheap outing / leisure activity can quickly amount to a costly, and perhaps even regretted, extra expense.

Therefore as a helping hand for the more thrifty among you, we have searched high and low to find a few great places that showcase cheap or free things to do in London.


It’s a rather handy new London events app, specifically designed for those on a budget, or simply those who don’t want to spend a small fortune on enjoying themselves.

The app is (of course) free to download and use, and gives you information about a whole range of deals and freebies (some of them exclusive) within your local vicinity, or any location within the greater London area.  

Dinner specials, discounted theatre tickets, music gigs, cheap days out and loads more available right at your fingertips! In a convenient move, the app also has the ability to book tickets and give directions… we like it a lot and think you will too.


The Young, Wild and Broke

We were recently delighted to come across this blog which forms an essential guide to low-cost living in London. Ascribing to the mantra that everyone should have fulfilling experiences, no matter what their income, ‘The Young, Wild, And Broke’ Blog is jam packed full of scrappy life hacks to help everyone have a great experience of the city.  You needn’t be either young nor wild to make the most this blog’s great advice on housing, going out, food, drink and travel and more.


If spending any money at all, is more than you can bare, then we have found that Time Out London has a bloomin’ brilliant area on its website dedicated to all things charge-free in the capital. There’s something incredibly satisfying about getting things for free, it feels as though the universe is balancing itself out for some previous grievance. Time Out London's freebie showcase is very wide ranging including free museums, galleries, events, gigs, food and even haircuts!

Particularly brilliantly,  it also lists ‘things to do with the kids’, and so is invaluable at weekends and during the holidays when you want to keeps the young’uns entertained, without having to smash open their piggy banks.


Even with all these brilliant savings the problem of getting around is still one which causes a massive headache for countless Londoners! If you use the tube or bus, there’s not a lot you can do about it, but if you are lucky to have your own car, we have discovered a fantastic new app called Appy Parking. As you may have guessed from the less that subtle name, this app (which is free) allows drivers to see every Controlled Parking Zone in London and helps you make informed choices about parking before you arrive.  Most usefully, it tells you when and where you can find free parking right across the city and warns you of any restrictions that might not be 100% clear! It’s had rave reviews so is definitely taking a look at!


In a city as expensive as London you will be amazed at the amount of free stuff and thrifty fun that there is to be had.

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