In celebration of the impending #InternationalCoffeeDay, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of our favourite roasters and brewers that make up the Workspace family.

Whilst the UK isn't going to catch up with the coffee-loving Scandinavians anytime soon (the Finnish are reported to drink an average of 3 strong cups a day), coffee is big business in London and a non-negotiable part of many people's routine.

The London coffee scene is also bigger and better than ever, with baristas across the capital serving up enough long blacks, flat whites, pour-overs, cold brews, cortados and cappucinos to make your eyes water.

To celebrate #InternationalCoffeeDay we thought we'd share a run down of some of our favourite coffee shops and roasters you can find working within the Workspace community:

Pact Coffee @ The Biscuit Factory

Not only do Pact roast and ship their coffee......but they run frequent cupping masterclasses open to the public

Pact Coffee can be found at The Biscuit Factory, in Bermondsey, and is the brainchild of founder Stephen, who set up Pact in his kitchen back in 2012, with the dream of improving the nation's mornings, and making coffee a force for good.

Now, all of Pact's coffee is roasted in-house, and is always ground and packed with seven days of roasting, meaning that with Pact, there's no doubting the quality of your morning (or evening) cup.

The Clerkenwell Kitchen @ Clerkenwell Workshops

Dedicated to sourcing fresh, local produce... 

...and open to the public Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm.

Dedicated to local produce, seasonal menus, and high-quality coffee, The Clerkenwell Kitchen is the big sister to East London venture Pill Box Kitchen (see below) and ensures the good people of Farringdon and Clerkenwell Workshops get their caffeine fix.

Available for event catering too, they've previously worked with Freize Art Fair, the BBC and the Duchy of Cornwall, to name a few. We can wholeheartedly recommend dropping by if you find yourself in the area. If it's good enough for Charles...

Livewire Kitchen @ Vox Studios

Founders Nina and Zoe......who had definitely had their caffeine fix! 

Fed up with corporate life, co-founders Nina and Zoe switched one grind for another when they founded Livewire Kitchen in Vox Studios.

Locating themselves walking distance from Vauxhall Station they had one mission, to create a destination that not only served great food, but boosted the energy and brain-power of everyone that walked through their doors.

Perfect for coffee lovers, Livewire Kitchen offers a choice of two grinds every day; from single origin Columbian coffee, to unique blends (pictured). 

Volcano Coffee Works @ Parkhall Business Centre

With the coffee shop and the roastery under the same takes being close to the action to a whole new level

Volcano Coffee Works is South London's double-threat, with coffee house and roastery both calling Workspace's Parkhall home. Volcano was born from two men's obsession with fantastic coffee, and founder Kurt was one of the pioneers in the speciality roasting scene we see in London today.

From 1980s New Zealand, to present day Dulwich, Volcano Coffee (and the team behind it) has the same commitment to technique, innovation and damn-good coffee now as it did then, and long may they continue.

The Pill Box Kitchen @ Pill Box

Whilst these guys may be little sister to their Clerkenwell branch......there's nothing immature about their attitude to a cup of joe.

Tucked down a cobbled street in Bethnal Green, Pill Box is the proud home to The Pill Box Kitchen, outstanding purveyors of food and drink, and the team keeping this pocket of East London moving.

Open every day between 8am and 6pm, serving up only the best local and sustainable produce, and with coffee coming straight from Jack Coleman, The Pill Box Kitchen is well worth a visit if you find yourself in the neighbourhood. Want an insider tip? The Portuguese Natas make the perfect accompaniment to your mid-afternoon cup.