Find out what companies are tackling the problem of food waste head-on and how your company can do its bit to help.

For some companies waging the war against food waste, redistributing existing food is at the heart and soul of their ethos. Working locally is often key to their purpose as well. Here are the companies paving the way to a sustainable future...

Too Good To Go

This company connects hungry diners with local restaurants and cafés that have food leftovers, so they can buy it at a reduced price.

Olio in action


Olio helps reduce food waste, peer to peer. It is an app that connects you with neighbours and local shops so you can pick up food that other people don’t want, or have made too much of. Got leftovers in the fridge and you’re going away? Whack it on Olio and someone hungry will come and pick it up.


Based in Workspace’s China Works in Vauxhall, FoodCycle keeps things direct – it cooks nutritious meals from surplus food for people who are hungry and lonely all over the country. Since 2009, it has diverted 265 tonnes of food from the bin and into people’s bellies.

The People’s Fridge

The People’s Fridge

This is London’s first community fridge where anyone can leave leftover food for someone else to eat, based in Brixton.

Have a sharing table

While these companies are directly on a mission to curb food waste, every business can do its bit to help a widespread problem. Follow these tips to cut your waste at work...

Have a sharing table

Designate a space where people can bring and leave food they don’t need, for others to take for free.

Start a lunch club

If there are a few of you, take it in turns to batch cook a dish and bring it in to share. It’s not only fun, it’s great for using up stuff you have in the fridge.

Carry a zero-waste kit

Whether it’s reusable straws or bamboo cutlery, keep a portable zero-waste kit in your bag to stop yourself from using single- use plastic.

Get creative with soups, stews and bakes– and your freezer

From baking banana bread with overripe bananas to freezing herbs and pickling veg that’s about to go off, making lunch at home is a hugely efficient way to eat.

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