Our top 8 tips on how to enjoy a sustainable Christmas

Our top 8 tips on how to enjoy a sustainable Christmas

From buying vintage gifts to making your own wrapping paper and planting trees instead of digging them up, we’ve gathered together eight ways to still have a fabulous time, but to do it in a guilt-free fashion. Think of it as your present to planet earth.

Source secondhand presents

We’re not talking about regifting the socks you got last year, but buying classic vinyl records, vintage clothing or even some charming antiques. Buying secondhand gifts is a way to be even more thoughtful – the perfect vintage gift shows how much time and effort has gone into hunting down the perfect prezzie. We like Discogs for records, Depop and Vinted for clothes and eBay for hard-to-find, memorable trinkets.

Or even have a present-free Christmas

This one might seem a little harder, but when you think about all those throwaway gifts you’ve received over the years, maybe not! If you’re dead-set on giving, then agree to donate to charities in the name of friends and family instead. The point of Christmas is about spending time with each other - and during a cost of living crisis, not buying presents could help so many people. 

Plant a tree

Instead of buying a Christmas tree, why not plant one instead? Charities like World Land Trust and the National Trust will help you contribute to global reforestation efforts with just a couple of clicks. If you really can’t do without, invest in a potted pine that you can plant outside after it’s bought a little seasonal cheer to your living room.

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Rent your party outfit

Rather than splashing out on a fancy frock or sharp suit for the big Xmas party, why not borrow something sensational? Companies like Hurr and By Rotation offer you the chance to wear pricey designer items for a fraction of the price – rather than you spending a month’s wages on a dress that’ll be sitting at the back of your wardrobe for the rest of the year.

Make your own wrapping paper

If you are getting presents, wrap them up in the pages of old magazines instead of buying brand new giftwrap that’ll immediately go in the bin. If you’re a creative type, then get busy with paints or prints on top of old newspaper. Don’t forget to recycle it when the unwrapping’s over.

Reduce your food waste

We’re sure none of you are guilty of this, but don’t chuck out the Xmas lunch leftovers. Boxing Day curry as well as turkey and stuffing sandwiches are – whisper it – possibly the best festive meals there are. Be mindful when filling up your trolly at the supermarket too – do you need that extra block of Stilton? Probably not!

Eat less meat

We’re not saying no meat at all, but maybe just stick to either turkey or ham this Christmas. Cutting down on your consumption of meat is one of the best things you can do to help protect biodiversity, by reducing the pressure on land which has been turned over to grow feed for animals. Want to go fully veggie this Christmas? Even better. You’ll still be able to have roasties and stuffing, but with a clearer conscience – and, done right, nut roast can be absolutely cracking.

Go plastic free

Decorations, bottles, presents and more; there are so many ways to cut back and even eliminate single use plastics over Christmas. Be mindful when it comes to securing items for the Christmas table – can it be reused or recycled?

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