Our portfolio

Our portfolio

Workspace owns 76 characterful properties across 5m sq. ft. all over London 

UNique portfolio

Our freehold portfolio has been built up over more than 30 years. Our business centres are typically characterful, relatively low rise, large buildings of 50,000 sq. ft. or more. Location is all-important and our properties are well located around major transport hubs and in vibrant neighbourhoods. We actively manage the portfolio to generate value, driving rents on our like-for-like properties, delivering on our project pipeline or selectively acquiring and disposing of assets.

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Lettable floor area sq. ft.

Net rent roll occupied units £s

Property Name Postcode Category Lettable floor area sq. ft. Net rent roll of occupied units £s
160 Fleet Street EC4A 2DQ Refurbishment 42,842 1,487,402
20-30 Greyfriars Road RG1 1NL Non-Core 33,344 591,000
338 Goswell Road EC1V 7LQ Like for Like 41,490 2,000,398
60 Grays Inn Road WC1X 8LU Like for Like 36,139 1,995,306
66 Wilson Street EC2A 2BT Like for Like 11,893 461,472
9 Greyfriars Road RG1 1NU South East Office 38,493 918,503
Ancells Road GU51 2UN Acquisition 34,577 422,979
Archer Street Studios W1D 7AZ Like for Like 14,984 848,909
Ashcombe House KT22 8LQ South East Office 17,452 148,468
Barley Mow Centre W4 4PH Refurbishment 79,738 1,939,235
Brickfields E2 8HD Like for Like 56,441 2,245,220
Building 329 RG12 8PE South East Office 32,516 547,097
Busworks N7 9DP Refurbishment 104,371 1,334,579
Canalot Studios W10 5BN Like for Like 48,336 1,276,917
Cannon Wharf SE8 5EN Like for Like 32,764 563,570
Cargo Works SE1 9PG Like for Like 71,459 3,808,624
Castle Lane SW1E 6DR Like for Like 14,254 875,615
China Works SE1 7SJ Like for Like 68,809 2,763,710
Chiswick Studios W4 5PY Like for Like 5,482 218,817
Clerkenwell Workshops EC1R 0AT Like for Like 52,879 2,579,664
Columbia House GU14 0GT Acquisition 40,756 660,000
Corinthian House CR0 2BX Refurbishment 42,593 730,388
Crown Square GU21 6HR South East Office 47,090 686,245
Cygnet House TW18 4RH South East Office 3,437 77,227
E1 Studios E1 1DU Like for Like 40,430 1,032,166
East London Works E1 1DU Like for Like 38,333 1,116,834
Edinburgh House SE11 5DP Like for Like 64,513 2,423,170
Evergreen Studios TW9 1QE Refurbishment 17,323 384,835
Exmouth House EC1R 0JH Like for Like 57,249 3,075,672
Five Acre Site CT19 5DR Non-Core 60,536 327,489
Fuel Tank SE8 3DX Like for Like 35,189 755,878
Gainsborough House SL4 1TX South East Office 18,661 548,417
Garratt Lane SW18 4LZ Redevelopment 43,000 0
Grand Union Studios W10 5AD Like for Like 62,958 1,900,893
Havelock Terrace SW8 4AS Refurbishment 58,164 1,219,532
Ink Rooms WC1X 0DS Like for Like 22,235 909,570
Kennington Park SW9 6DE Like for Like 350,574 10,475,250
Leroy House N1 3QP Refurbishment 0 0
Lock Studios E3 3YD Redevelopment 53,921 1,137,990
Lower Cherwell Street OX16 5AY Non-Core 40,060 286,071
Mare Street Studios E8 3JS Like for Like 54,953 1,538,151
Metal Box Factory SE1 0HS Like for Like 106,316 6,996,095
Mirror Works E15 2NH Redevelopment 39,669 769,799
Morie Street SW18 1SL Like for Like 21,707 456,962
Pall Mall Deposit W10 6BL Refurbishment 59,092 1,448,090
Parkhall Business Centre SE21 8EN Refurbishment 122,584 2,025,043
Parma House / The Chocolate Factory (Part) N22 6XF Redevelopment 34,989 182,992
Peer House WC1X 8LZ Like for Like 9,739 429,421
Pegasus Place RH10 9AY South East Office 50,544 1,128,060
Pill Box E2 6GG Like for Like 50,340 1,196,376
Poplar Business Park E14 9RL Like for Like 65,178 1,123,165
Portsoken House EC3N 1LJ Refurbishment 47,431 1,844,291
Prospero House RH1 1LP South East Office 48,934 1,208,782
Q West TW8 0GP Redevelopment 54,960 655,076
Rainbow Industrial Park (Part) SW20 0JK Like for Like 21,180 412,010
Rainbow Industrial Park (Part) SW20 0JK Redevelopment 89,934 255,543
Rivergate House RG14 2PZ South East Office 60,791 1,244,886
Salisbury House EC2M 5SQ Like for Like 214,468 11,248,972
ScreenWorks N5 2EF Like for Like 63,974 2,051,428
Swan Court SW19 4JS Refurbishment 57,543 1,679,746
The Biscuit Factory (Cocoa Studios) SE16 4DG Like for Like 39,298 1,036,524
The Biscuit Factory (Part) SE16 4DG Refurbishment 83,811 1,094,688
The Biscuit Factory (Part) SE16 4DG Like for Like 122,724 2,143,447
The Centro Buildings NW1 0DU Like for Like 201,156 8,664,901
The Chocolate Factory (Part) N22 6XJ Refurbishment 23,292 395,947
The Frames EC2A 4PS Like for Like 51,864 3,293,186
The Leather Market SE1 3ER Like for Like 146,730 5,958,324
The Light Box W4 5PY Like for Like 78,489 1,925,991
The Light Bulb (Part) SW18 4GQ Like for Like 52,699 1,183,759
The Light Bulb (Part) SW18 4GQ Redevelopment 17,226 302,737
The Mille TW8 9DW Refurbishment 88,386 1,653,060
The Old Dairy EC2A 4HT Refurbishment 56,983 2,331,034
The Planets GU21 6HR Non-Core 98,255 0
The Print Rooms SE1 0LH Like for Like 45,622 2,425,477
The Record Hall EC1N 7RJ Like for Like 57,015 3,131,009
The Shaftesbury Centre W10 6BN Like for Like 12,627 290,386
The Shepherds Building W14 0EE Like for Like 141,228 5,470,785
The Switchback SL6 7RJ South East Office 36,817 609,868
Three Acre Site CT19 5FG Non-Core 44,300 349,525
Thurston Road SE13 7SH Redevelopment 7,133 112,933
Vox Studios SE11 5JH Like for Like 106,944 4,380,256
Wenlock Studios N1 7EU Refurbishment 30,939 707,719
Westbourne Studios W10 5JJ Like for Like 56,756 1,897,420
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