Property statistics

Data as at 31 March 2019.

    Property Name Postcode Category Lettable floor area sq. ft. Net rent roll of occupied units £s
    Archer Street StudiosW1D 7AZLike for Like14,9841,026,175
    Barley Mow CentreW4 4PHRefurbishment74,298 1,978,278
    Bow Enterprise ParkE3 3TZLike for Like14,634282,284
    Bow Office ExchangeE3 3QPRedevelopment36,962392,661
    BrickfieldsE2 8HDRefurbishment00
    Canalot StudiosW10 5BNLike for Like49,6421,561,696
    Cannon Wharf Business CentreSE8 5ENRefurbishment32,619487,621
    Cargo WorksSE1 9PGLike for Like71,3814,281,838
    Centro BuildingsNW1 0DUAcquisition214,7819,514,775
    China WorksSE1 7SJRefurbishment68,8482,135,620
    Chiswick StudiosW4 5PYLike for Like14,254515,173
    Clerkenwell WorkshopsEC1R 0ATLike for Like52,8793,430,766
    Property Name Postcode Category Lettable floor area sq. ft. Net rent roll of occupied units £s
    E1 StudiosE1 1DULike for Like40,7971,188,238
    East London WorksE1 1DULike for Like39,1211,293,025
    Easton StreetWC1X 0DSRefurbishment22,8000
    Edinburgh HouseSE11 5DPRefurbishment65,606504,283
    Exmouth HouseEC1R 0JHLike for Like58,1293,611,033
    Fitzroy StreetW1T 4BQRefurbishment92,6694,855,410
    160 Fleet StreetEC4A 2DQRefurbishment42,9331,734,527
    Garratt LaneSW18 4LZRedevelopment43,000688,000
    338 Goswell RoadEC1V 7LQRefurbishment43,005856,726
    Grand Union StudiosW10 5ADLike for Like64,7872,066,200
    60 Gray's Inn RoadWC1X 8AQRefurbishment36,1491,283,509
    12-13 Greville StreetEC1N 8SBRefurbishment3,78737,690
    14 Greville StreetEC1N 8SBRefurbishment10,960170,341
    Havelock TerraceSW8 4ASLike for Like58,1641,383,974
    Highway Business ParkE1 9HRRedevelopment19,786260,782
    Kennington ParkSW9 6DELike for Like365,06010,845,180
    Property Name Postcode Category Lettable floor area sq. ft. Net rent roll of occupied units £s
    Leroy HouseN1 3QPLike for Like46,5621,164,130
    Mallard PlaceN22 6TSLike for Like10,150122,820
    Mare Street StudiosE8 3QERefurbishment00
    Marshgate Business CentreE15 2NHRedevelopment00
    Metal Box Factory (part)SE1 0HSLike for Like89,8855,643,934
    Metal Box Factory (part)SE1 0HSRefurbishment17,107936,124
    Morie Street Business CentreSW18 1SLLike for Like21,705571,064
    Pall Mall DepositW10 6BLRefurbishment42,333720,813
    Parkhall Business CentreSE21 8ENLike for Like122,9301,858,023
    Parma HouseN22 6XFRedevelopment34,984284,766
    Peer HouseWC1X 8LZLike for Like10,222400,395
    Pill BoxE2 6GGLike for Like50,4091,543,051
    Poplar Business ParkE14 9RLRedevelopment65,176904,658
    Q WestTW8 0GPRedevelopment54,802580,274
    Quality CourtWC2A 1HRLike for Like16,923921,630
    Rainbow Industrial EstateSW20 0JKRedevelopment91,542248,702
    RiversideSW18 4UQLike for Like101,8211,715,134
    Property Name Postcode Category Lettable floor area sq. ft. Net rent roll of occupied units £s
    Salisbury HouseEC2M 5QQLike for Like234,23812,334,067
    ScreenWorksN5 2EFLike for Like64,4822,440,980
    The Biscuit Factory SE16 4DGLike for Like214,3244,317,173
    The Biscuit Factory - Cocoa StudiosSE16 4DGRedevelopment39,298863,235
    The Chocolate Factory (part)N22 6XJRefurbishment61,890619,480
    The Chocolate Factory (part)N22 6XJRedevelopment50,935326,740
    The FramesEC2A 4PSRefurbishment52,2711,929,919
    The Fuel TankSE8 3DXRedevelopment34,090336,823
    The Leather Market including Taper StudiosSE1 3ERRefurbishment147,8385,765,307
    The Light BoxW4 5PYRefurbishment78,4891,386,008
    The Light BulbSW18 4GQLike for Like52,6451,707,446
    The Print RoomsSE1 0LHLike for Like45,3292,616,335
    The Record HallEC1N 7RJRefurbishment57,5632,923,475
    The Shaftesbury CentreW10 6BNLike for Like12,629304,789
    The Shepherds BuildingW14 0DAAcquisition150,1766,174,907
    Thurston RoadSE13 7SHRedevelopment-0
    Vestry Street StudiosN1 7RELike for Like22,7241,032,103
    Vox Studios (part)SE11 5JHLike for Like80,2613,434,462
    Vox Studios (part)SE11 5JHRefurbishment27,454932,358
    Wenlock StudiosN1 7EURefurbishment31,156972,001
    Westbourne StudiosW10 5JJLike for Like58,4272,369,595

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