Why invest in Workspace?

A compelling, long-term sustainable investment

Why invest in Workspace?

A compelling, long-term sustainable investment

Delivering long-term value for shareholders

  • We know London's SMEs

    No one knows London SMEs – and how and where they want to work – better than Workspace.

    Our offer allows customers to reflect their own identity and culture in their office space, set within distinctive, character buildings in the right locations for their employees, while retaining flexibility to expand and contract in line with their business needs.

    Our teams on the ground build direct relationships with our customers, giving us a wealth of insight and data to maintain a compelling offer.

  • Pioneers of flex

    We’ve been doing this for 35 years. We helped create the London flex market, which has now become firmly mainstream.

    What makes our offer stand apart is the complete flexibility we give our customers – both in terms of the leases we offer and the ability to fit out their own space. We have always understood the merits of giving our customers lease flexibility, achieving strong retention by providing an unmatched quality of service rather than tying them into long leases. The other aspect of flexibility we offer is the ability for customers to fit out their space to suit their individual needs and the freedom to personalise their space and create their own identity in the space.


  • It's a great time to be a leader

    Our market is expanding, and we plan to capture more of the significant market opportunity ahead of us.

    Our research shows that we currently have a 3% market share in London and significant opportunity for growth. Our scalable operating platform means we can expand our portfolio without greatly increasing operating costs.

    We have an extensive project pipeline, with plans to deliver one million sq. ft. of new or upgraded space over the next five years. On top of this, our healthy balance sheet positions us well to take advantage of acquisition opportunities as and when they arise.

  • We're a great neighbour

    Our model is to repurpose distinctive buildings, revitalise local areas and have a positive environmental social impact in the areas we operate.

    Sustainability has always been part of Workspace’s DNA. As a long-term owner of historic and character properties in London, we are committed to playing our part in mitigating climate change risk.

    Our ongoing programme of upgrading our centres and bringing new businesses into the area, enables us to play a key role in the employment-led regeneration of communities across London.

  • We're not done until our customers are

    Our quality, in-person service offers daily face-to-face access and creates close relationships with strong retention.

    We have an experienced and committed team and a dynamic and inclusive culture, with a focus on enhancing customer experience across the business.

About us

Workspace is home to London's brightest businesses. We own and manage 4.6m sq. ft. of sustainable business space at 78 locations in London and the South East. We provide inspiring, flexible work spaces with superfast technology in dynamic locations. We have around 4,000 customers including fast growing and more established brands. We acquire, refurbish and redevelop our properties to adapt to our customers' changing requirements, including a vibrant front of house experience, meeting rooms, breakout areas, gyms, cafes and wellbeing facilities.

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