Our approach
Our approach
Driving forward our Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) agenda is a top priority for Workspace.

ESG has become increasingly important to our stakeholders, particularly customers, investors and employees. In order to attract London’s brightest businesses, we need to exceed their ESG expectations and ensure our service can provide them with the tools to manage their own environmental and social impact.

ESG considerations are embedded in all stages of our properties’ lifecycle and business-wide strategic decisions; our strategy covers the following areas of our business:

  • Development practices
  • Operational emissions
  • Social impact

It ensures we operate responsibly in our dealings with all stakeholders and reinforces our commitment to the sustainable long-term growth of our business and employment-led regeneration of London. We have mapped our strategy against the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to ensure our objectives and targets are aligned with global ambitions.

Sustainability Report 2022/23
Read our Sustainability Report


Our activities are focused on three key themes:

Sustainable development goals

We have mapped our ESG strategy and targets against the 17 Sustainable Development Goals ('SDGs'). Although our operations are concentrated in London, the SDGs have given us a better understanding of how our objectives and targets align to the broader global issues and helped us identify where we can make a positive change.
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