We are confident in our strategy and believe the Workspace Advantage will continue to deliver business growth. 

Being in the right market

We continue to believe that London is the right market for our business. The opportunity in London is extremely attractive with growing demand from all types of businesses for our offer. In addition, our deep knowledge of the real estate market in London means we have been successful in acquiring new properties that meet the demand for space and will deliver attractive returns to shareholders

Owning the right properties

One of the principal growth drivers of our business is the letting up of new and upgraded space delivered by our refurbishment and redevelopment pipeline. We remain focused on creating and,
opportunistically, acquiring the right properties that will attract our customers.

Targeting the right customers

When we defined our current strategy, we defined our customer market as New and Growing Companies. Over the years, this has evolved and we now find that our offer is relevant to all businesses, from freelancers and early stage businesses right up to well-known brands and established companies from all industries.

Employing the right people

Employing the right people continues to be critical for the success of the business. Workspace’s operational nature means our teams are managing a huge amount of activity every day and are tirelessly focused on servicing our customers.

Developing the right brand

Workspace has a strong brand and we work hard to ensure that our offer is highly visible to prospective customers as they embark on their search for office space. Digital marketing, a strong social media presence and employees who live the brand values are all key to attracting and retaining
customers and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.