Originally based in France, easyRECrue is a video-interviewing platform which has just expanded to London. Benjamin in their representative in the UK.

Originally based in France, easyRECrue is a video-interviewing platform which has just expanded to London. We talked to Benjamin Marcon about recruiting colleagues, how fast easyRECrue has grown and the ways in which coworking has helped him collaborate, innovate and build an international brand.

Tell us a bit about yourself
I’m Ben, a French young professional. I recently graduated with a Master degree, and travelled South-East Asia. I am now working at easyRECrue to develop the company across the UK.
I enjoy sports, music, travelling and meeting people so feel free to contact me for any reason!

What do easyRECrue do? 
easyRECrue is a video interviewing platform whose main aim is to replace the telephone during the pre-selection step of the recruitment process. With its convenient asynchronous way, our tool enables candidates and recruiters to make the pre-screening step easier, more pleasant and efficient.
Give us a potted history of easyRECrue
Created in 2013, the first team members were still working in their living room. So that's not so long time ago! Now, we are working with companies like Total, Enterprise, Société Générale, Manpower and extending across Europe.
Where do you see yourself in a year's time? In three years’ time?
In a year’s time, I see myself at the same position supporting partners all around the UK in a successful way. In three years’ time, I don’t have a precise idea but I might keep on developing our solution in Asia and Africa.
What are your top tips for business owners choosing colleagues and staff?
Definitely, I believe that the interpersonal skills are very important. It's important to think about how you will feel with these future colleagues. You have to trust them and they have to trust you to create a synergy and reach your goals.

easyRECrue are a French company. Why have they decided to base you over here?
As I have previously said, we are experiencing a huge growth and we plan now to become the European leader in our market. So, the UK was clearly a place to be (dynamic, innovative, open-minded…) for us!
What are your tips for collaborating internationally - how do you share and collaborate on documents, in meetings and for deadlines?
I think that the collaborative aspect is important. In that way, with the current technologies, you are able to set up some open documents through the Cloud, use video call etc. So that, it’s pretty easy to cross the borders and collaborate efficiently. To sum up, I think that you have to use the digital devices and remain aware of innovation in order to improve communication.
What's the best thing about coworking?
If I had to choose the only one best thing about coworking, I would say the collaborative aspect I have mentioned before. You can meet people, share experiences and good practices with them in a friendly atmosphere. That is great to learn and improve!

Find out more about easyRECrue. You can get hold of them on Twitter and on Facebook. Look up Ben on LinkedIn.