Should you stay, or should you go? Which location is right for your business? What hidden costs should you look out for? Is your current building the best option? Or would a whole new location be more cost effective? There are a lot of questions to ask when you’re selecting somewhere in the big city to place your company.

When considering how long you want to take out a commercial property lease for, the perfect space becomes a crucial factor. Nobody wants to be stuck in the wrong office for any amount of time!

Using this guide, you can decide what your priorities are, then compare buildings you’re looking at with them in mind. Whether you decide to move or stay right where you are, you’ll know you’ve had the advice with you to make the best decision.

In The Big City

You’ve chosen London as the perfect place to start or develop your business, but London’s a big place and there are a few things to consider: What kind of commute do you want you and your staff to have? Is the public transport close-by and or frequent enough? Who will your neighbours be?
Narrowing down your search area will help you to focus when it comes to forming a list of properties. Perhaps no specific area will have everything you’re looking for, but London is a well-connected city in terms of transport – so you’re never really that far from the action.
Conduct as much research as you can into areas. Ask other business owners, friends and people local to the area for their opinions, and search news outlets that will tell you about the everyday goings on in certain places. Relocating is equal parts exciting and stressful.

A building of one's own

The building itself is so much more than just four walls and a roof over your head. Does it have any stand out features you are looking for like an outdoor space or great café? Is there enough space for your company to grow? You might need a bigger office sooner than you think. Other considerations are the services it offers, such as air conditioning, waste disposal and storage solutions.
What type of commercial property would suit your business best? Take a look at some of the most common types of commercial property available to rent in London today to help you with your search. Are you a creative business needing studio space or is flexible co-working more important for your team? consider the style of business space and the amenities your company requires.
Even if a space looks great at an initial viewing, it’s important to think long term in how you will use the space and what responsibilities you might have for keeping it clean, tidy and functional. Thinking long-term will make you look more carefully at a space.

Workspace Pill BoxBethnal Green

The IT crowd

Modern buildings are sometimes more equipped to deal with today’s tech, but you’re going to need to make sure it’s up to scratch for your needs regardless of its age. Check things like the power supply, how far away you are from the internet exchange and even how you might lay cabling. Power points to service desks, photo copiers and other office equipment are also things to consider.
Staying connected is vital for business, so making sure the building and particular space is going to be ready to go as soon as you move in is important. If you’re going to be using an external company to set you up, make sure they can get access to the building on the right dates for your connection, so the process runs smoothly.

Money, money, money

Even if you have a larger than average budget, it’s still a budget that you will need to stick to make it work. Having one in the first place is a great start, you’ll avoid any surprise costs and a clear idea of what you can and can’t afford.
You’ll need to consider the costs of deposits, energy bills, insurance and potential agent fees. If you are bringing existing office furniture you’ll need to hire a moving van, but if not there’s the consideration of how much it will be to fill your exciting new space.
Many aspects of your move can be negotiated to save you money now and later. Knowing who to negotiate with and when is key to reducing those costs. Rent free periods and service charges can be negotiated and make sure you are entirely happy with your lease terms, length and any breaks you might want factored in.

Once you have a budget in place it will be much easier to know what you’re willing to spend more money on and your priorities for getting the best London office for your business.

Workspace Cargo WorksWaterloo


Not only can a sustainable office interior save you money on your energy bill, it can also boost motivation, raise productivity and lower absenteeism amongst staff. It’s well worth looking into how energy efficient the building is – taking double glazing, air conditioning and thermal testing – before you sign on the dotted line.

BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability method for buildings. It’s worth checking to see if the building’s you are interested in have a BREEAM rating. However, by law a landlord should supply you with an EPC (Environmental Performance Certificate) to tell you how energy efficient the building is.
Sustainability is no longer a secondary concern for most businesses – in fact for many it’s central to business strategy, find out why here.

What comes next?

Once you’ve found the dream location, you might want to hire a company to help you fit and design the space. Decide what you want the space you base your office in to say about your business — down to the right colour scheme, furnishings and overall feel.
As well as your budget, a checklist of when you need certain tasks and paperwork completed by might be a good idea — to keep you on track and ensure a smooth process for the big move!

Welcome to Workspace

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Workspace properties are based in diverse and inspiring places and are never far from everything the big city has to offer. From Barley Mow Centre situated in leafy Chiswick, boasting features like exposed brick walls, excellent transport links and a co-working lounge to city centre based Cargo Works, with stunning river views and proximity to both Waterloo and Blackfriars station, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

If you’re an entrepreneur, small business or professional that wants the opportunity to work in an inspirational West London environment, surrounded by all manner of creative industries, why not come and check out our Barley Mow Centre for yourself? We have number of spaces available to rent on flexible lease terms, as well as co-working space available on rolling monthly contracts. To arrange a viewing, simply click here and tell us your preferred location and requirements and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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