Why choose to locate your company in London?

London remains one of the easiest places to set up in business. Our capital is still regarded worldwide as one of the most forward-thinking and diverse cities, with a skilled workforce, innovation and infrastructure for ambitious New and Growing Companies to tap into.

Be part of an instant business community

Having a London business address really can help you increase your reputation: you’ll potentially be rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s leading players in your respective industry, giving you a chance to make an impression and build valuable contacts and networks. Rent a commercial unit in London with Workspace and you’ll receive immediate access to an annual calendar jam-packed with business events and networking opportunities.

That’s not all – Workspace customers are also entitled to one-to-one consultations with Informed Funding, assisting you with business strategy and ensuring you’re best placed to attract outside investment if necessary.

Transport infrastructure

London’s transport network is one of the biggest in the continent, bringing New and Growing Companies based here ever closer to new and existing customers across the country, Europe and the rest of the world. With six international airports and nationwide and continental rail links, London has a transport infrastructure to rival the best of them, giving start-ups and entrepreneurs the ability to grow their exposure more quickly and effectively than anywhere else in the UK.

Business grade connectivity

The way New and Growing Companies work is changing. That change has been readily acknowledged across the capital, with many commercial properties for rent in all four corners of London now featuring business grade telecommunications, including super-fast and reliable fibre optic broadband and plug-and-play telephony – ideal for entrepreneurs on the move.

Flexible commercial lease terms

Any New and Growing Company could be forgiven for thinking that accessibility would be an issue when it comes to property for commercial use in London. However, NGCs can rely on Workspace to provide them with a tailored lease to suit their individual business requirements. Most leases are two-to-three years long but break clauses are typically included after six months, especially for three-year leases on certain properties. This gives start-ups the ability to leave their rented unit provided they give six months’ written notice.

Spaces available within the heart of industry hubs

A great feature of London’s business ecosystem is its raft of hubs dedicated to specific industry sectors, making it easier than ever for New and Growing Companies to catch extensive passing trade, collaborate with fellow industry leaders and more. For instance, businesses working in creative media would certainly be interested in commercial property in and around Soho, such as Archer Street Studios. Similarly, businesses specialising in financial services will undoubtedly benefit from being in close proximity to the City of London in units such as E1 Studios and East London Works.