WBI: Rewiring your role - The new dimensions for tomorrow’s CEO

WBI: Rewiring your role - The new dimensions for tomorrow’s CEO

Catch up on practical insights and guidance that will help shape your thinking, and validate your strategy, during a period of historic uncertainty.



CEOs who attended this Workspace Business Insight (WBI) Online event gained practical insight and guidance to help shape their thinking, and validate their strategy during a period of historic uncertainty. Catch up and take away key insights that will support you as you continue to rewire your role in an ever changing environment. 

Change is said to be inevitable, but it can also create an opportunity for creative expansion. Some companies might see explosive growth, but it is a big challenge for most CEOs to find the right wave to surf.

CEOs face an acute need to rewire their role to confront the new dimensions for tomorrow’s business leader. As you adjust to a reshaped market, stakeholders look to the CEO to lead the business as it redefines and restates its growth ambitions. Decisions made in the near future will have an oversized impact on the trajectory of the company, coupled with the health and well-being of your team, customers and suppliers. 

The inspiration behind our two recent online Workspace Business Insight Events was to provide an opportunity for the leaders behind Workspace's community to come together and learn from each other in the age of physical but not social distance.

We looked at: 
Market dynamics have shifted for most companies – CEOs really need to think through their strategy as a new status quo develops. How do you sense check strategic change in a smaller business? How do you reassess risk and return? How do you learn from market leaders? 

Leading your team has been challenging. Market dynamics means you might have to carry a team through some tough decisions. Most businesses will be looking at how they reduce their staff cost – or get more from the cost they have. How do you carry people through, how do you (re)-incentivise? How do you take the opportunity of attracting stellar talent that has become available?

Shareholders will have to reset expectations for returns as exit strategies and dividends might look very different compared to 3 months ago. There will be significant challenges in “shareholder management” – whether that’s other individuals in a small company or VC/PE backers in a larger one. How should CEOs rewire how they manage their shareholders? 

How should CEOs look after their own well-being as they lead their team and the business?

The Panel 
Emily Bendell
CEO and Founder at Bluebella - Workspace Customer based at Brickfields

Ben Prouty
Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Kamet Ventures and Co-Founder of Shepper - Workspace Customer based at The Leather Market

Jonny Everett
Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Entrepreneur First - Workspace Customer based at The Biscuit Factory


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