WBI: Adapting to the present - building and funding commercial Innovation

WBI: Adapting to the present - building and funding commercial Innovation

During these times businesses are needing to adapt and innovate to survive. Catch up for insights on harnessing innovation and shaping a commercially viable strategy.


These are volatile times requiring businesses to adapt and innovate if they are going to survive and grow. Founders and Directors who attended this Workspace Business Insight (WBI) Online Event gained key insights and guidance around how they can harness innovation to shape a commercially viable strategy.  

Corporations, Investors and Founders are seeking new opportunities for profitable innovations. The most innovative and creative businesses are rebuilding their business model to stretch its capacity to deliver. Investors seek the tools to discern the signal from the noise as they yearn for a version of normality. Many of the most ambitious founders are daring to look to a future full of commercial opportunities.

The inspiration behind our two recent online Workspace Business Insight Events was to provide an opportunity for the leaders behind Workspace's community to come together, connect and learn from each other in the age of physical but not social distance.

We looked at: 
The Business Value of Design: What individual actions can business leaders take that will consistently lead to building better products and services?

Innovation in business is worth nothing without it generating commercial results. Learn critical lessons from business leaders who have successfully profited from innovation. What can other founders take from their experiences? How can business leaders use innovation as a route to market?

How are the UK's investors modelling the investment landscape in Q4 2020 onward? What practical tips can investors provide your founding team as you develop vital investment and growth goals? How can business leaders fund innovation in a post pandemic world? 

The Panel 
Tey Bannerman, Design Director at McKinsey and Company 
Tey is Design Director at McKinsey & Company, based in London. He leads multidisciplinary teams helping some of the world's most forward-thinking businesses, governments, and non-profits craft and launch human-centric products and services, instilling design principles into the core of their organisations. He's previously worked across the design sphere designing digital and physical experiences in the retail, finance, hospitality, and education sectors and with startups in Australia, North America, Europe and Africa; and is a judge for the D&AD New Blood awards recognising young creative talent around the world.


Lorne Vary, Chief Financial & Business Development Officer at Brompton Bicycle Ltd
Brompton designs and manufactures the famous Brompton folding bike which is still made by hand right here in London. Brompton currently exports into 46 territories and currently produces 60,000 bikes per annum employing over 450 staff.

Lorne joined Brompton in June 2009 and has played an instrumental role in the company achieving a CAGR of +20% during his tenure as well as providing a platform for innovation and future growth.

Prior to Brompton, Lorne worked for Reading Room (digital), Planet Organic (retail) and Paperchase Products Ltd (retail) all of which had a similar vision of rapid growth strategies.


Eva Rez, Senior Investment Manager (Venture Capital) at Sky
Eva has been with Sky’s Startup Investments & Partnerships as a Senior Investment Manager since January 2019. Before, Eva was part of the Episode 1 Ventures team focusing on early-stage deep tech investments. From 2014, she was an Investment Director at Day One Capital, a Budapest based early-stage tech investor, until she left for pursuing an MBA in London in 2017. She sat on the Advisory Board of AImotive, a leading self-driving car startup with a full-stack software solution.


Maria Tanjala, Co-Founder at FilmChain - Club Workspace member at Kennington Park
Maria Tanjala is a UK-based, Romanian-born entrepreneur. With a decade of experience in film and TV, as well as sociology, her company FilmChain uses blockchain technology to bring financial transparency in media. Winner "Startup of the Year" at London Business Awards 2020 and SXSW Pitch Finalist, FilmChain is creating a level playing field for industry professionals to leverage the power of technology and take better ownership of their work and data.


What to expect?
The insight events provide a platform for senior directors to discuss the most relevant challenges facing growing businesses today. Sharing their insights, advice and best practice together with an open Q&A with fellow industry leaders.

Our WBI online insight events focus on what you can learn and how it might impact you or your business. We don't spend that much time talking at attendees, and we build in plenty of opportunities for attendees to question the panellists.

Any Questions? Email WBI@knowledgepeers.com  

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Find your perfect Workspace
Home to London’s brightest businesses. 60 iconic properties throughout the capital, from Chiswick to Camden, Waterloo to Whitechapel.

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