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Kentish Town area guide

Kentish Town is a very diverse area home to a range of retail and B2B businesses. One of London’s most unique areas, it’s extremely diverse and multi-cultural, and particularly well suited to firms relying on tourist footfall.

Kentish Town isn’t limited to just retail, though: there are also a wide range of office spaces available throughout the area, meaning that any B2B business should be able to find their ideal working location.

Because of its very central location, Kentish Town is a perfect area from which to network. The transport links to the area are very good, and there are a lot of bars, pubs and cafes which are perfect for entertaining potential clients and holding team meetings. 

What companies does it suit?

Kentish Town is extremely popular with businesses based around retail, whether this is traditional physical stores or creative firms that design work for the retail stores in the area. A number of fashion businesses have based themselves in the Kentish Town area.

The Kentish Town region will suit any business looking for a vibrant, multi-cultural area in which to work that still has all of the facilities and transport links needed to take advantage of being located in central London.

Potential for building relationships across the capital as well as locally is also impressive: with close proximity to the Camden area as well as the King’s Cross region – which is itself becoming more popular with businesses – Kentish Town is a wealth of opportunities.

Transport links to Kentish Town are very good, the area’s central location and excellent rail links making it easy to access the rest of London and the UK.  Nearby stations include

Kentish Town

Camden Town

Liverpool Street

Kentish Town is absolute heaven to any foodie, with a host of brilliant restaurants and cafes in the area, as well as several extremely popular pubs.

If you’re looking for an enjoyable post-work meal, we’d recommend visiting the Arancini Factory, which, given the tastiness of the food, is really low-cost venue serving up Arancini (deep-fried risotto balls) of various flavours. Honestly, try it!  It’s also worth visiting the Bull & Last, a classic, very-pubby diner that services up a range of delicious dishes. Of course, sometimes nothing less than a burger will do: we’d recommend heading to Dirty Burger.

Kentish Town also spoils those looking for a post-work drink. There are a number of great pubs in the area including The Pineapple – which does a brilliant quiz – the Southampton Arms and its selection of brilliant real ales, Tapping the Admiral (which should win an award for its name alone) as well as Aces & Eights, which is known for good beer and some tasty pizza.

If you want a later night, meanwhile, head to Annie’s Bar: it’s one of the most stylish bars in the capital, and it’s got a brilliant cocktail menu, not to mention a great selection of wine and champagne.

ZSL London Zoo

By far one of London’s most popular tourist attractions, ZSL London Zoo continues to attract animal lovers from around the world.

Regent’s Park

One of London’s most picturesque parks, and one of the many reasons Kentish Town is such a popular place in which to live.