major refurbishment

major refurbishment

Edinburgh House, Vauxhall

Our refurbishment of Edinburgh House has vastly improved its energy efficiency, reducing the regulated CO2 emissions by approximately 60%. A solar photovoltaic system on the roof further reduces the building’s regulated CO2 emissions by around 2%. Our interior refurbishment was designed to BREEAM Very Good standard, which was a significant accomplishment given the restrictions of a listed building.

A good proportion of the materials used were sourced from suppliers committed to responsible sourcing of materials and operate environmental management systems. Materials were selected for their robustness and longevity.

The ecological value of the site has been improved – a perimeter planting scheme was rolled out along the boundaries of the site and wildlife boxes have been installed, including sparrow terrace, common garden nest boxes, invertebrate boxes and insect boxes. A small green roof has been added which has been designed so as not to need irrigation.

The entire building is connected to a sophisticated Building Energy Management System (BEMS) which allows our Facilities Managers to control the building remotely and each customer can log onto the online portal to view and manage their energy consumption in real-time.

The lighting is all LED and presence controlled. Large office spaces are zoned to account for areas close to a window where lighting levels are automatically reduced on the perimeters where there is sufficient daylight entering the room. There is plenty of natural light entering the building from the exterior and the interior atrium, and excellent acoustic performance has been achieved internally, contributing to a pleasant working environment.

"The beautiful exterior only gets better when you walk in with offices, studios and meeting rooms all set around a spectacular central atrium flooded with natural light. It makes for a great environment to work in and impress clients."

Francesca Calate, Centre Manager

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