We are committed to continuing to innovate and drive positive change both within our business and in partnership with suppliers, customers and local communities.

In 2016/17, we delivered a number of positive results under the five core pillars of our sustainability strategy.

We have also set a number of challenging future targets in order to ensure continual improvement.

Right Market

Performance Highlights; 

  • Completion of Record Hall development achieving BREEAM Excellent Design Stage, scoring particularly high in the Transport and Land Use and Ecology categories, and a Considerate Constructors Scheme ('CCS') score of 43/50, well above our target.
  • Achieved BREEAM Very Good at Barley Mow Extention.
  • February 2017, we invited eight of our suppliers to an ‘Introduction to Apprenticeships’ evening to meet XLP, one of our charity partners, and the amazing young people they work with. It was a huge success and we currently have three apprentice positions now formally agreed for XLP’s young people – two as trainee engineers and one in administration – and four further opportunities being explored.

New Development: Record Hall

Considerate Constructors Scheme Score

Our Targets Include;

  • Achieve a CCS score of at least 37/50 for all developments and major refurbishments in 2017/18
  • Divert at least 90% of nonhazardous demolition waste and construction waste by weight from landfill for all developments and major refurbishments in 2017/18.
  • Hold a second ‘Introduction to Apprenticeships’ event for additional suppliers and partners.
  • Achieve BREEAM Very Good at The Fuel Tank and Edinburgh House development projects.
  • Achieve BREEAM Excellent at The Frames and Brick Fields development projects.

Right Properties

Performance Highlights; 

  • The 2016/17 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions across the portfolio have decreased by 12% against our 2012/13 baseline
  • Following the successful trial at The Light Bulb, Grand Union Studios and Barley Mow Centre, the new Optergy Building and Energy Management System has also been installed in our latest refurbishment, The Record Hall. This will enable us and our customers to better manage and reduce energy consumption across our portfolio 
  • Achieving a significant increase in accuracy of waste measurement techniques in the year, enabling us to better understand and manage our waste streams
  • Enhanced waste audit process rolled out, prioritizing sites.
  • Smart gas and electricity (automatice meter reads AMR) meters have been installed across all of our sites (79% of our portfolio).
  • Increased our renewable energy generation from solar PV by 24% year on year from 39,862kWh to 49,277kWh. 

Key achievements

Reduction in GHG emissions against our 2012/13 baseline
Sites with new Optergy Building and Energy Management System

Our Targets Include;

  • Ensure that 100% of electricity contracted by Workspace is from renewable sources
  • Retrofit five sites with Optergy by March 2019
  • Undertake solar PV feasibility studies for all new developments.
  • Reduce our absolute Scope 1 & Scope 2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 20% by 2025
  • Maintain our Scope 1 & Scope 2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions intensity at 0.037 kgCO2e/NLA (Net Lettable Area) until 2025
  •  Reduce portfolio like-for-like water intensity to 0.042m3 by 2025

Right Customer

Performance Highlights; 

  • Facilitating work experience placements for 79 students from schools across London with 39 of our customers as part of this years’ InspireSME week
  • Continued to roll out a programme of networking events and business insight events with partner, Knowledge Peers, to educate customers on topical issues.

InspireSME week 2017

Students from across London
Customers took part

Our Targets Include;

  • Work with our customers to increase the average recycling rate across all buildings to 65% by 31 March 2018
  • Introduce an online benefits platform encouraging customers to offer each other preferential rates and discounts on products and services
  • Continue to expand the Workspace events programme.

Right People

Performance Highlights; 

  • Undertook an Employee Wellbeing Survey
  • Maintained strong diversity statistics across our business, including a 94:109 male : female split across our workforce
  • Maintaining longevity of service from our people with 17 members of staff achieving long service awards in the year, 5 of which were more than 10 years of service
  • Supporting 10 of our employees through external qualifications to help drive their careers forwards
  • During the year, members of our team carried out 48 volunteering days and along with customers, raised £31,489 for our selected charity partners.

Investing in our employees

Training days attended per employee during the year
Employees supported with external qualifications

Our Targets Include;

  • Continue to support employees through training and professional development programmes
  • Encourage Centre Managers to roll out clothing recycling initiative at other business centres.

Right Brand

Performance Highlights; 

  • Maintained our listing in all of the sustainability indicies which we work with.
  • Achieving a rating of 76, exceding both the GRESB Average score of 60 and the Peer Average score of 70.
  • Increased our Carbon Disclosure Project score from B to A-.
  • Maintained our long term record of zero environmental fines and penalties

Awards and Accreditations

GRESB reporting score
Carbon Disclosure Project score

Our Targets Include;

  • Maintain listing in key sustainability indices
  • Increase scoring wherever possible


Note that NOX, SOX, VOC and hazardous waste emissions are not applicable to Workspace.