We are committed to continuing to innovate and drive positive change both within our business and in partnership with suppliers, customers and local communities.

In 2017/18, we delivered a number of positive results under the five core pillars of our sustainability strategy.

We have also set a number of challenging future targets in order to ensure continual improvement.

Right Market

Performance Highlights; 

  • Completion of Cocoa Studios at the Biscuit Factory achieving BREEAM Excellent Design Stage. The site has also achieved a Considerate Constructors Score (CCS) of 40/50 and an A grade EPC rating.
  • This year, we caught up with Sam Taylor, one of the young apprentices. Following our introduction to XLP, Sam was employed as an apprentice by Cogent Electrical Services Ltd, one of our suppliers. Sam has been employed for 18 months now and has worked across many of our developments, including The Frames in Shoreditch.

New Development: Cocoa Studios, The Biscuit Factory

Considerate Constructors Scheme Score

Our Targets Include;

  • Roll out XLP apprenticeship workshops for customers, as well as suppliers.
  • Achieve a CCS score of at least 38/50 for all developments and major refurbishments in 2018/19.
  • Divert at least 95% of non-hazardous demolition waste and construction waste by weight from landfill for all developments and major refurbishments in 2018/19.
  • Procure at least 95% of non-hazardous demolition waste and construction waste by weight from landfill for all developments and major refurbishments in 2018/19.
  • Achieve BREEAM Very Good at The Fuel Tank and Edinburgh House development projects.
  • Achieve BREEAM Excellent at The Frames and Brick Fields development projects.

Right Properties

Performance Highlights; 

  • During the year, we have installed 311 bicycle storage spaces, 30 showers and 212 lockers into our business centres.

  • We have also rolled out a mobile bicycle service and repairs surgery that visits our centres regularly.

  • Smart gas and electricity (automatic meter reads AMR) meters have been installed across all of our sites (covering 79% of our portfolio).

  • Increased our renewable energy generation from solar PV by 78% year on year from 49,277kWh to 87,738kWh. 

Key achievements

Reduction in GHG emissions compared to the previous year
Increase in renewable energy generated by Workspace solar panels

Our Targets Include;

  • Continue to roll out installation of solar panels at suitable sites (6 sites already in the pipeline).
    Ensure any new electricity contracts are on a green tariff.

  • Reduce our absolute Scope 1 & Scope 2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 20% by 2025.

  • Maintain our Scope 1 & Scope 2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions intensity at 0.037 kgCO2e/NLA (Net Lettable Area) until 2025.

  •  Reduce portfolio like-for-like water intensity to 0.042m3 by 2025.

Right Customer

Performance Highlights; 

  • This year we held 12 recycling roadshows during the year, with the centres visited demonstrating, on average, a 10% improvement in recycling rates.

  • We have put in place new, clear consistent signage throughout our centres and launched our ‘recyclopedia’, a customer information pack to provide recommendations and education on recycling.

  • We have also committed to tackling food waste, with food waste streams introduced at 80% of our cafés and a fast food waste event held in conjunction with the North London Waste Authority at The Chocolate Factory in Wood Green, with 66 customers in attendance.

  • Our efforts during the year have paid off, and we achieved an average recycling rate across our buildings of 66% above our target of 65%.

  • We held a Carbon Trust ‘Greening Your Business’ workshop at Clerkenwell Studios to share tips on how to reduce energy consumption and provide information on funding opportunities for SME’s and start-ups.

  • Continued to roll out a programme of networking events and business insight events with partner, Knowledge Peers, to educate customers on topical issues, including one on health and wellbeing.

Waste and Recycling Highlights

Recycling Roadshows
Customers attended the food waste event at The Chocolate Factory

Our Targets Include;

  • Work with our customers to increase the average recycling rate across all buildings to 70% by 31 March 2019.

  • Launch customer benefits platform online for customers to cross-promote products and services.

  • Continue to expand the Workspace events programme.

Right People

Performance Highlights; 

  • Maintained strong diversity statistics across our business, including a 14:10 male:female ratio in senior management and a 129:97 male:female split across our workforce.

  • Maintaining longevity of service from our people with 27 members of staff achieving long service awards in the year, 17 of which were more than 10 years of service.

  • Supporting 6 of our employees through external qualifications to help drive their careers forwards.

  • During the year, we provided 148 hours of training for centre staff on a wide range of subjects.

  • Members of our team gave 61 work days to volunteer for charities, plus an additional 60 personal days, and along with customers, raised £40,000 for various charities.

  • 48 Workspace staff completed an 8.5 mile row down the Thames raising £23,500 for Ahoy.

  • This year we focused on energy management with our in-house Facilities Management team to reduce gas consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. We held several educational workshops throughout the year and quarterly meetings with senior team members to track progress. Following these efforts, gas consumption decreased by 3% in the year.

Investing in our employees

The number of people involved in the articulation of our values
Volunteering and fundraising days carried out by Workspace employees

Our Targets Include;

  • Continue to engage our Facilities Managers on improving energy performance.
  • Continue to support employees through training and professional development programmes.

Right Brand

Performance Highlights; 

  • Maintained our listing in all of the sustainability indicies which we work with.

  • We gained a Green Star for the fifth year in a row for the GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) survey. We achieved an A rating for Public Disclosure and scored 80 in the Real Estate Assessment, exceeding both the Average score of 68 and the Peer Average score of 72. 

  • We were awarded another Gold for reporting in line with the 2018 EPRA sBPRs for the fifth year in a row.

  • We acheived a B in our 2017 Carbon Disclosure Project score, exceed the sector score average C.

  • Maintained our long term record of zero environmental fines and penalties.

Awards and Accreditations

GRESB reporting score
Carbon Disclosure Project score

Our Targets Include;

  • Ensure that our environmental and sustainability information is available for all stakeholders.

  • Continue to respond to benchmarking surveys to measure our performance against our peers.

  • Continue our membership with the Better Building Partnership (BBP) to share best practice with the UK’s leading commercial property owners.

  • Increase the number of visits to the Doing The Right Thing section on the customer website.


Note that NOX, SOX, VOC and hazardous waste emissions are not applicable to Workspace.