our environmental performance

our environmental performance

Our carbon footprint

Our Scope 1 and 2 emissions make up only 17% of the total emissions, and although these look insignificant compared to our Scope 3 emissions, they are essentially our operational emissions that we have control over and therefore take full responsibility for. The majority of Scope 3 emissions are associated with our refurbishment and redevelopment activities.

Solar PV performance

We currently have 13 solar photovoltaic (‘PV’) installations across the portfolio. Our total solar power generation over the past four years has increased by 221% to 157,953 kWh. We install solar PV systems at all new developments where possible and have carried out feasibility studies to retrofit systems at six of our existing sites, with plans to install in 2021/22. Although we procure 100% renewable electricity across the portfolio, on-site generation will deliver a return on investment over time and play a part in our net zero carbon target.