A belief in ‘doing the right thing’ underpins the resources and relationships we need to make our business model work.

Why Sustainability is important to us

Workspace is committed to doing the right thing by our customers, investors, employees, suppliers, local communities and wider stakeholders. We take seriously our responsibility for maintaining strong and mutually beneficial relationships with all our stakeholders while protecting and enhancing the resources we rely on to do business.

In recognition of this commitment, the business decided during the year to adopt ‘Doing the Right Thing’ as our new corporate responsibility strategy. In addition, we reviewed our objectives and targets to ensure that they align and are closely linked to our corporate strategy. For each pillar in the corporate strategy, we have outlined an environmental and a social objective, which we believe will help to create value for our business and the wider communities in which we operate.

We have an internal committee, consisting of members from different departments within the business and including the Chief Executive Officer, which is responsible for ensuring the objectives are delivered and that there is regular reporting on all activities.

Chester House, Kennington

Our properties

We have a fantastic portfolio of properties, many of which are character buildings with historic significance. Workspace is not a trader of assets; we own and operate our properties to drive income and capital value over the long-term. We take pride in the work we do to reposition, refurbish or redevelop our buildings to ensure they meet customer needs and are fit for their modern purpose.

Under our ‘Doing the Right Thing’ strategy, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our properties and their related supply chains. In addition, from a social point of view, we aim to ensure our properties create healthy and productive communities.

Our suppliers and partners

Maintaining positive relationships with our suppliers is critical to the success of our business model. As well as the contractors and partners who help us to execute our day-to-day business, we also carefully select partners who can add value to our customer offer.

Preferential access to providers of storage solutions, office design and furniture and, of course, data and technology helps our customers to focus on their business.

Our people

One of the key pillars of our recent London-wide advertising campaign was that Workspace is ‘Wired Differently’. This has several connotations but one of the most important is a reflection of the mindset that our internal teams adopt. We genuinely think differently in our customer-first approach and focus on innovation and this drives long-term value both for our customers and in helping the business to attract and retain talent.