From harnessing the cloud to keeping all your contacts in one place, here's a handy resource for making tech work for you and your business


From harnessing the cloud to keeping all your contacts in one place, here's a handy resource for making tech work for you and your business

Pod up your life with Mercedes Bankston

Stuck in the rat race with no time to reflect more deeply on your work path? Try listening to a podcast on your commute or lunch break. Mercedes Bankston from the Founder Institute shares her top four suggestions
30 September 2019 | Technology

Find your perfect Workspace

Home to London’s brightest businesses. 60 iconic properties throughout the capital, from Chiswick to Camden, Waterloo to Whitechapel.

Top events to look forward to at London Technology Week

There's lots happening this summer but London Tech Week promises to be full of unmissable events.
09 May 2016 | Technology

5 things you should know about London start-up Deliveroo

In its latest funding round, Deliveroo raised $100 million for its restaurant delivery service. Here are the five things you need to know about the London start-up.
29 March 2016 | Technology

How the Internet of Things will affect your workplace

Like it or not, machine-to-machine technology is changing the way we do business. We take a look at the shape of things to come.
10 March 2015 | Technology

The advent of 5G Internet - why you should care but probably don’t

For many of you the title of this article will come as something of an unwelcome surprise. With the rollout of 4G still ringing in your ears, and the dilemma of whether to upgrade your handset still swirling around in your head, the mere suggestion of yet another more advanced generation of wireless connectivity is enough to make you wince... not again surely? Eoin O'Hara talks us through what it means for you and your business.
06 August 2014 | Technology

UK startup: policy making for the digital economy

Politics aren’t just for election time, and while they might not be at the front of your mind when you’re working on a venture, matters of business and policy often have close ties. Coadec (the Coaltion for a Digital Economy) aims to give a voice to startups on political issues, and Vicki Turk spoke to new executive director Guy Levin about their campaigns to support the digital economy.
10 June 2014 | Technology

Investing in new technology - right for my business?

We all know that if you keep doing the same things you generally get the same results. Similarly, if you keep doing the same thing in an ever-changing sector, you will probably suffer worse results. So there comes a time when you need to invest in something new to move your business forward. Any investment is a big decision. If it’s an investment in new technology, the stakes are even higher because the playing field moves so quickly.
06 June 2012 | Technology

20 top UK based technology blogs

No matter what type of enterprise you are building or what industry you’re based in, if they have not already, developments in technology are likely to affect your business at some point or another. However, as it continues to advance at a staggering rate keeping your finger on the pulse of the technological world is proving to be ever more difficult. We’ve selected 20 of the best UK technology blogs to help you stay one step ahead.
29 February 2012 | Technology

What is the true cost of lost data to business?

There is a certain sweat inducing twist in the stomach that is reserved solely for the moment any individual realises they have just lost digital data to … well, to wherever that seemingly priceless information disappears after the combustion of a hard drive or a misplaced, absent minded tap of the delete key.
01 February 2012 | Technology

IT Support Services

Find out options for the best business support for IT services. Whether it’s for delivering emails, despatching orders or just chasing unpaid debts. At some point the office technology becomes too important to muddle through problems and businesses look for an IT support service to provide some stability.
28 November 2011 | Technology

Guide to mobile commerce

Selling over the internet was, and still can be, a big step for many businesses. But just as ecommerce is now a daily choice for many consumers, the growth of mobile commerce suggests that it too will become as popular. Businesses of all sizes looking to utilise a new way of allowing customers to purchase products will benefit from mobile commerce, which offers a range of advantages to both the business and the purchaser.
24 October 2011 | Technology

Case study: eCommerce helps Truffle Shuffle take on the retro t-shirt market

Vintage T-shirt vendor Truffle Shuffle started trading in 2004 and has grown to be a significant player in the retro t-shirt market. They implemented mobile payments just over a year ago with help from a graduate web developer for the grand total of £200. Now, their mobile customers’ conversion rates have increased five-fold and resulting revenue has tripled. Founder Pat Wood talks to about the history of Truffle Shuffle, and how mobile payments have helped them expand quickly.
04 October 2011 | Technology

Software licensing and how it affects businesses

Each piece of software that you purchase for your business will come with a license stipulating what you can and can’t do with it, and it is essential that you fully understand the terms of the license to ensure that you stay legal.
30 September 2011 | Technology

Choosing a business broadband connection

Choosing the best broadband options explained for businesses. Most businesses these days require an internet connection in order to function effectively, and that connection will typically be a business broadband service offered by an internet service provider (ISP). But with so much variation in the market with regard to speed, uptime and level of service support, choosing the right package can be difficult.
27 July 2011 | Technology

Mobile phones for employees

Keeping in touch with colleagues is essential in today’s fast-paced business environment. Finding the right mobile phones for employees – and on the right contract – can help improve productivity and keep costs down
16 March 2011 | Technology

Guide to leased lines

Leased lines offer a dedicated, high-performance alternative to standard broadband lines. These robust connections to the internet are rented from a specialist provider, typically on an annual basis, and offer a host of benefits that help deliver outstanding speed and performance to businesses.
16 March 2011 | Technology

Choosing computer monitors for employees

In today’s world, many businesses are very reliant on technology. Employees will use computer screens for many hours; choosing the right monitors is important to keeping staff happy and maintaining high levels of productivity and output.
16 March 2011 | Technology