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Growth and strategy

Looking to power your business to the next stage? All you'll need, from tips on growth hacking to advice on recruiting the right talent for your team is right here

Growth and strategy

Looking to power your business to the next stage? All you'll need, from tips on growth hacking to advice on recruiting the right talent for your team is right here

Boost staff learning and development for stronger growth

Upskill staff to keep them engaged and on track during times of change
23 October 2020 | Growth and strategy

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OPINION: Sustainability? It isn’t all about 'Green'

Mention the word “sustainability” to most small business owners and their eyes will probably glaze over. It’s a shame that the golden glow of all that is meant by the “S” word has been tarnished; that the exciting promise of a new way of doing business has been masked by the fear of something outside our remit, something unattainable that, for the small business owner struggling to survive, is completely outside his comfort zone.
27 June 2012 | Growth and strategy

MBAs: Are they really worth it?

Studying for a Master of Business and Administration (MBA) in the UK remains incredibly expensive, those looking to pursue this option can expect to pay in the region of £15,000 for their course. However, a recent survey from the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) revealed that job offers to executive MBA graduates were at an all-time high, with 76 percent of participants having received an offer of employment at the time of the survey (February 15 - March 18, 2012). With that in mind, can the advantages of holding an MBA really justify such a substantial investment in both time and money especially given the uncertain economic climate?
29 May 2012 | Growth and strategy

OPINION: A ticking time-bomb of older workers

Until 1st October 2011, most businesses adopted the default National Retirement Age (NRA) of 65 for their staff. Under the then law, employers had the right to retire employees at 65, provided they followed the statutory retirement procedures. If such procedures were followed, such a dismissal would be neither unfair nor amount to age discrimination.
15 May 2012 | Growth and strategy

Bucking the trend: UK’s top female entrepreneurs offer inspirational advice

The absence of women from many top jobs might suggest that the concept of a glass ceiling is still very much a reality.There has however, been an encouraging upturn of female entrepreneurs, bucking gender trends even in traditionally male-dominated industries. 10 of the UK’s most inspirational female entrepreneurs from a diverse range of backgrounds talk to inspiresme about overcoming the challenges they have faced.
02 May 2012 | Growth and strategy

Keeping an eye on the competition

Understanding what is going on outside your business is an important part of strategic planning. There are some useful analytical tools that help to understand important factors in the business environment and competitive drivers in your industry as an initial step in undertaking competitor analysis. In addition to this, many businesses try to understand, in some detail, what its competitors are doing.
27 April 2012 | Growth and strategy

A guide to employment tribunals

Litigation, it’s a word that strikes fear in to the heart of business owners and causes concern and anxiety for those involved. However it doesn’t have to. Learning how the tribunal process works and how it could affect you if you are called as a witness will make the process a bit easier and less scary, writes Zuraida Curtis, Regional Litigation Manager at Croner.
17 April 2012 | Growth and strategy

A guide to senior management structures

This article was written by Modwenna Rees-Mogg, founder and CEO of Pitching for Management and Angel News. The company matches senior executives seeking new roles with fast-growth businesses. The
11 April 2012 | Growth and strategy

Using collaborative tools to aid flexible working

The term ‘collaboration’ has been used in the world of business for many years, but more recently its use and meaning have evolved. We are now seeing more individuals and organisations using the word collaboration to encompass a wide range of meeting methods, whether it is a face-to-face, a telephone call or a virtual conference. This shift in definition is a direct result, and reflection, of the evolution in how we work.
04 April 2012 | Growth and strategy

Writing a watertight contract

Signing a contract is serious for any party – these are legally binding agreements and the content must protect your interests, even if things go wrong. You need to consider exactly what goes into contracts you sign, whether with suppliers, clients or other third parties. David Gordon, of DG Law, explores how to write a watertight contract to ensure your business is protected at all times.
13 March 2012 | Growth and strategy

Working from home - how it can benefit your business

It is an understood, and understandable, fact that people at all stages of their career work best when they are able to achieve an appropriate balance between work and all other aspects of their lives, not least because it reduces the stress and strain of keeping the domestic, professional and social plates spinning.
09 March 2012 | Growth and strategy

OPINION: Imitation - the sincerest form of flattery

Breach of Intellectualy Copyright is a serious matter when large amounts of cash are put into creating and protecting a business' online presence. Owner of Carbon Voyage, James Swanston explains what happens whenhe discovered word-for-word duplication of his website.
08 March 2012 | Growth and strategy

Property investment tips

10 tips you need to know when you invest to get the best results in the property market. Find out about property investment tips to avoid pitfalls. Peter Mindenhall of IPINglobal tells us more.
08 March 2012 | Growth and strategy

Creating a competitive employee benefits package

The impact of an effective benefits package on engagement levels can prove significant, with productivity and efficiency levels boosted, sickness and absenteeism reduced, and in turn, the company’s overall performance improves. In this article, James Malia of P&MM Employee Benefits provides advice to companies looking to create suitable packages for their employees.
07 March 2012 | Growth and strategy

Workplace gossip - turning back the tide

If you've ever worked in an office or any other kind of workplace with more than one person in it, then you will have come across the inevitable workplace gossip. Gossip is defined as 'casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true' – Oxford Dictionaries.
08 February 2012 | Growth and strategy

Improving your internal processes

Is your small business a consistent, smooth-running operation characterised by order, discipline and continuous growth? If not, improving your internal processes might be a worthwhile investment of your time.
07 February 2012 | Growth and strategy

Is it time to take your business to an office and reclaim your living room?

Richard Smith, entrepreneur and managing director of Search Office Space (SOS), considers when it’s time for a start-up or SME to rent office space and what office solutions are available, from the shared and serviced office to the virtual.
04 February 2012 | Growth and strategy