Growth and strategy

Looking to power your business to the next stage? All you'll need, from tips on growth hacking to advice on recruiting the right talent for your team is right here

Growth and strategy

Looking to power your business to the next stage? All you'll need, from tips on growth hacking to advice on recruiting the right talent for your team is right here

Boost staff learning and development for stronger growth

Upskill staff to keep them engaged and on track during times of change
23 October 2020 | Growth and strategy

Find your perfect Workspace

Flexible, inspiring spaces for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Scale up, scale down or move across 60 locations from Waterloo to Whitechapel, we have you covered.

The challenges of moving from a start-up to a scale-up business

Making the move from testing a concept to scaling it and growing into a profitable business is an incredibly exciting step. Firstly, it means that your business idea is fulfilling a gap in the market and secondly it means that there are even bigger business opportunities ahead. We caught up with Steve Folwell, founder of Workspace partner and growing business LOVESPACE, to discuss their specific challenges of scaling up their business operations.
28 March 2017 | Growth and strategy

Common mistakes to avoid when relocating your business to London

The economic hub of the UK, London is a vibrant and innovative environment for New and Growing Companies to thrive. Having a London location for your business creates an air of prestige for your operations, but if you’re planning to relocate your business to London it’s important that you carry out due diligence first to find the best base for your work.
22 February 2017 | Growth and strategy

10 London entrepreneurs tell us what they look for in office space

Are you looking to set up or move your business to London? Struggling to know exactly what you need from an office space? We spoke with 10 successful London-based entrepreneurs to understand the specifics they were looking for when moving to Workspace business centres.
26 January 2017 | Growth and strategy

The benefits of working in London

There’s still no better place for a business to take off in the UK than London. The capital offers a wealth of opportunities to businesses of all shapes and sizes
14 December 2016 | Growth and strategy

Bulldog founder Simon Duffy on life at Grand Union Studios

Skincare brand Bulldog is a key new player in the booming male beauty industry. We talked to its founder Simon Duffy about his business and why he's based at Grand Union Studios.
21 September 2016 | Growth and strategy

Grand Union Studios opens in West London

Stunning new development, Grand Union Studios opened in Ladbroke Grove this spring, providing a home to over 100 New and Growing Companies.
07 July 2016 | Growth and strategy

Why our capital is the world's greatest start-up city

London can not only be described as the beating heart of the UK’s start-up scene but, arguably, the entire world. In 2015, London’s tech start-ups alone received venture capital funding of more than £2.3 billion; two-thirds more than the previous year.
13 June 2016 | Growth and strategy

The Print Rooms: Home to London's brightest businesses in Southwark

The Print Rooms has undergone an exciting redevelopment, creating a central location ideal for a wide range of vibrant, innovative businesses..
19 May 2016 | Growth and strategy

The Vox Studios launch party and Internet of Things talk

At the Vox Studios launch party, four experts discuss how the Internet of Things will affect how you manage your office and home.
20 April 2016 | Growth and strategy

5 things to consider when moving business premises

Moving to a new business premise is easy. It might sound like a mammoth task when you think about what’s ahead but as long as you’re organised you can succeed without getting too stressed.
07 March 2016 | Growth and strategy

Nine ways to keep your office tidy

Often, keeping your office is the last thing on your mind if you're a busy business owner with a bursting to-do list. Here are some simple tips to keep your office and mind uncluttered.
10 February 2016 | Growth and strategy

How Generation X & Y can communicate more effectively

How we communicate is critical to our success at work. Of course, we each have our communication strengths and quirks but there are, however, some common differences between Generation X and Y.
18 October 2015 | Growth and strategy

5 non-negotiables for Generation Y at work

Hiring Millennials can be a difficult process - they're known for being over-confident, demanding and fiercely individual - but the benefits they can bring to your team are manifold.
18 October 2015 | Growth and strategy

The Metal Box Factory opens in Southwark

A former metal box factory built in the late 19th century, Metal Box Factory is a redevelopment that has created a landmark destination for more than 150 new and growing businesses, complete with a 20,000 square foot rooftop extension. The building maintains its historical industrial features which are complemented by a striking atrium and enclosed roof garden. The new studios, many with their own rooftop balconies, showcase stunning views of London through their floor to ceiling glazing.
21 May 2015 | Growth and strategy

Why your business needs a CFO (chief failure officer)

Getting to grips with failure is a must if you want to lead your team out of its comfort zone and into new growth areas.
15 January 2015 | Growth and strategy

How to design 'the coolest office in the UK'

From sleeping pods and cubicles to astroturf, design company Generate Studio know exactly what makes a good work space.
05 November 2014 | Growth and strategy