At Workspace, we’re committed to providing first-rate, reliable connectivity to all of our customers. That’s why we’re proud to have secured a Wired Certified rating of Platinum at two Workspace Business Centres and Gold across a further thirteen locations. And this simply marks the start...

In the digital age, connectivity is at the helm. So-called ‘not-spots’ and ‘digital deserts’ are no longer conducive to a productive working environment. And in order to survive in a tech-savvy world and make sure you stay ahead of the game in business, it’s no secret that secure and reliable internet is the key.

In fact, the demand has never been higher: according to the London Assembly Regeneration committee, data consumption is growing at a remarkable 50 percent or more per year, meaning that a network’s capacity, security and resilience has become fundamental to the modern business. With this in mind, Workspace has made it their mission to provide just that.


“We believe it is our responsibility to provide London’s most enterprising businesses with the environment they need to succeed,” says Chris Pieroni, Operations Director at Workspace. And, as a genuine trust mark for digital connectivity, third party assessor WiredScore has rated 15 locations in the Workspace portfolio Wired Certified Gold or Platinum, assessing the infrastructure, connectivity and technological capacity of each building. 

Our investment in state-of-the-art infrastructure and well managed building-wide WiFi – the unique Dot11 platform – meant that all our properties fell within the two highest WiredScore rating brackets (Platinum and Gold), delivering reliable, dedicated fibre connectivity to every customer. And we’re taking this one step further. We aim to extend our partnership with WiredScore to 50 buildings across the Workspace building portfolio by 2019 – with our sights set on making Gold as standard. 

“London is the world’s financial hub, one of the globe’s tech capitals and a growing hotspot for creative industries and given the capital’s strength at attracting and growing business, you would expect all businesses to have access to the same standard of high-speed, resilient connectivity,” says Pieroni. “Instead, there is a significant variance, which has traditionally disadvantaged smaller organisations that don’t have the resources to divert to a dedicated team to maintain their digital infrastructure.”

In fact, one in four small businesses in the UK are held back by unreliable internet connections. “The work we are doing to secure these ratings reiterates our commitment to the needs of our occupiers and the globally recognised seal of approval should reassure future customers,” says Pieroni. A partnership with WiredScore is helping to pave the way to super connected workspaces for fast-growing, digitally-dependent businesses right across the capital.

One such champion of cutting-edge technology is Workspace’s Metal Box Factory. Through its managed fibre network owned and delivered by Excell Group, it secured the highest WiredScore rating of Platinum – securing a connectivity rating on par with The Shard and White Collar Factory.

The Metal Box Factory

Based at Metal Box Factory, Heather Andrews, CEO of Neuro-Insight UK, says, “The excellent internet connectivity at the Metal Box Factory minimises the downtime involved in data transfer and this has been of huge benefit to our business.” With its headquarters in Australia, it is vital that the company has a level of connectivity that supports the smooth transfer of large amounts of data across the world. “Given that a typical neuroscience study involves around two billion data points, we exchange some pretty large files with tight analysis deadlines, so reliable connectivity is a big plus for us,” says Andrews. 

Also based at Metal Box Factory, Mark Bembridge, CEO of Smartology says, “As an advertising technology company, it is crucial that our own tech capabilities are of the highest quality, and the Wired Certified Platinum rating gives us peace of mind that the infrastructure in our office will support our operations. We are encouraged to see Workspace’s continued dedication to facilitating reliable connectivity for its customers, which was a driving factor behind choosing Metal Box Factory as our London base.” 

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