Chris Boultwood, Workspace’s Head of Client Connected Services, and Stuart Lancaster, Centre Manager for Pall Mall, Shaftesbury Centre and Grand Union Studios, talk about the tech that keeps Workspace customers connected.

Stuart: “Our meeting rooms are all designed by our partner company, Generate Studios. We put in the same AV [audiovisual] equipment, so you’ve got a TV, you’ve got ClickShare – which means you can project what’s on your laptop onto the screen wirelessly – and of course there’s Wi-Fi in there, which means you can make Skype calls if you want to.

Some of the centres have video conference phones, too.

Meeting room at Westbourne Studios

“Certain centres also have Vgreets: these are really amazing touchscreens, like virtual receptionists, that you can use to find out about and connect with other customers in the building.

There’s a map of the building on there, and you can read company profiles; you can even call those companies using the Vgreet. You can also see live social feeds so you can find out what’s going on at your local centre and in the surrounding area.”

The V Greet at Screenworks in Islington


Chris: “We’ve just agreed a new eight-year contract with Excell Group, who provide all the connected services for Workspace Group. It’s great news for customers, because it means there will continue to be huge investment in upgrades to connectivity in all Workspace properties.

"The most exciting development we’ve got going on at the moment is the new Dot11 Wi-Fi network. All new buildings have it as standard, but we’re doing rollouts to legacy buildings as well; we’ve upgraded 10 locations so far. The problem up to now has been customers using their own routers in their offices or studios; these end up clashing with everyone else’s.

If you visit another Workspace location that has Dot11 – even if it’s on the opposite side of London – you can still access your servers.

Chris Boultwood, Workspace’s Head of Client Connected Services


"The Dot11 network is building-wide, so speeds are much faster. Metal Box Factory has a 10Gb circuit, which is enormous, and on the back of that the access points we have within that building can offer 1.3Gb per device. 

Grand Union meeting roomWorkspace centre in Ladbroke Grove


“There are other advantages to Dot11, one of which is that it’s a managed service. So if the Wi-Fi isn’t running as it should be, there’s a technician on board who can repair it quickly. Plus, it’s a much more secure way of accessing your network. You can go downstairs and have a coffee, and still access your files. Even better, if you visit another Workspace location that has Dot11 – even if it’s on the opposite side of London – you can still access your servers. How cool is that?”

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