Stuck in the rat race with no time to reflect more deeply on your work path? Try listening to a podcast on your commute or lunch break. Bruce Daisley at Twitter shares his top four suggestions

Being Bruce

From growing up on a council estate in Birmingham to landing his first job by drawing a cartoon CV of his life, Bruce Daisley, Vice President for EMEA at Twitter, has scaled the ranks to work at some of the biggest technology firms, like Google and YouTube. Author of best-selling book The Joy of Work, he shares his learnings on 21st-century office life and asks the tricky questions. Are lunch breaks for wimps, or do they actually make us more productive? Is it true that you can improve team performance simply by moving the location of the kettle or coffee machine? Also, what are Monk Mode Mornings and Hack Weeks, and why do people swear by them?

Bruce DaisleyVice President for EMEA at Twitter

“The podcast revolution is gradually winning people over as a great way to get fresh thinking without having to do anything as daunting as read a book," he says. "The last few years has seen a fantastic explosion of new and diverse voices in the world of business podcasts. These aren’t dull and dusty BBC broadcasters, but shows that are funny and full of personality. For new starters, find your podcast app (Apple Podcasts or Podcast Addict on Android are great places to start). Short on time? Take a tip from ‘podfasters’ and listen on a speeded-up tempo!”

Here are Bruce's top four recommendations to keep on your radar.

1) How to make work suck less

Adam Grant

"Adam Grant is the king of organisational psychology – the study of workplaces. Frustratingly his books so far haven’t been as comprehensive and stimulating as his brilliant podcast, WorkLife. Grant goes to meet the biggest names in the world of work and tries to dissect why they succeed. The association with TED means that this is a highly produced show, and that frothiness is sometimes to its detriment. It doesn’t stop the show being one of the most energising ways to ask – as Grant directs us – “How can we make work suck less?”"

2) How to Maximise Your Work Mojo

The Work We Do
Victoria Stoyanova

"Returning in spring 2019 for a new season, Victoria Stoyanova takes a beautifully poised look at some of the creative thinkers behind tech and design businesses around the world. Stoyanova’s style is full of wonder and inquisitiveness, a charming antidote to some of the familiar machismo of the business world. The Work We Do is one of the only podcasts that asks what state should we be in to be creative. Stoyanova’s past interviewees include Google’s Sarah Drinkwater, author Gillian Davis and Instagram’s Niran Vinod."

3) How to Sharpen Your Hustle

How I Built This
Guy Raz

"Before smartphones and the internet started bringing us everything for free, this meaty series would have sold out faster than a Jane Fonda workout video. Each week Guy Raz hears from the founders of successful businesses about the travails they survived to become the “overnight successes” we perceive them to be today. The joy of this show is the diversity of the subjects and the demystification of ideas of genius. The struggle is real – and it’s great to hear inspiration from some of the people who’ve battled through it."

4) How to Love Work Again

Eat Sleep Work Repeat
Bruce Daisley

"Yes, it’s my own podcast, but I recommend it because I’m very much not the star of it. Each week I chat to the leading academics studying work or to experts from different professions. What can office workers learn about dealing with stress in the police force? Each week we lift the lid on what makes the best workplace cultures, and ask what can we steal for our own jobs."

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