Jules Minvielle is the CEO of Mozoo, a company founded in Paris in 2010 that specialises in mobile advertising, creating both new innovative mobile advertising formats and mobile performance campaigns. They work for a whole range of very high-profile clients including Renault, Nike and Canal +. They have been based at Workspace's Kennington Park since 2013.

Jules spoke to the business network, Knowledge Peers, about the mobile industry; the need to innovate fast but grow slowly; and the benefits of being based in London and, more precisely, Kennington Park.

In the first informative interview, Minvielle describes the mobile and advertising industry. Its fast moving nature means it is crucial to anticipate the needs of clients. He explains that when he started Mozoo, Android did not exist but it now represents more than 70% of the smartphone market.

Ad-blockers were not a phenomenon and the programmatic ad buying revolution had not even begun. It makes 'agility and expertise' crucial and the industry is only going to get bigger. "Now it's all about mobile... it's such a personal device and a small screen so we all have to find the right way to engage customers on mobile," says Jules.

Jules also mentions a "big battle coming": Google and Facebook own 80% of the market share and it is "very scary" for diversity. He argued that we shouldn't "trust those giants" when it comes to advertising or personal data and privacy.

In the second video, Jules explains that he prefers to focus on making money rather than wasting time raising money. "Since the beginning I have focused on profitability. I wanted to expand the company without having to ask for money every six months. It's important to show the teams that we pay their salaries thanks to the profits. It creates a very different dynamism," adds Jules.

Jules sees this as part of a trend away from billion-dollar tech start-ups and towards more hardy companies.  "Unicorns are mythical animals and cockroaches are beasts that can survive a nuclear war. With profits you can last long, whatever happens."

In the third and final video, Jules explains why he decided to open an office in London. The UK is the biggest market for mobile ads in Europe and the third biggest globally after the US and China. It's eight times bigger than the French market.

The second reason is that it will better place him to expand internationally. "When you've succeeded in the UK market, which is the most competitive in Europe by far, you are more likely to succeed in other European markets and in the US." The third reason is that it's close to Paris and his other office. Jules explains that it's important "to be close to your teams and close to you clients, even when you expand".

When Jules first arrived in London, he explains he was looking for a very small office. But he realised with the potential of the UK market he'd have to expand month after month. "I never thought that we would be 60 people in the office so I was never really able to anticipate my needs. The flexibility that Workspace offers to us is very important. We've already moved three times in the Kennington Business Park," Jules enthused.

He also appreciates that it's not fully serviced so they can bring our own furniture and adapt the space however they want to.

With Oval tube station just 200 metres away, Kennington Park is perfectly placed for New and Growing Companies looking to operate south of the river whilst enjoying direct transport links in to Central London and beyond. If, like Jules, your business requires flexibility and the ability to make your office space your own, why not arrange a viewing of our available units at Kennington Park.