Running a business takes heaps of time and energy; if you can’t stomach the thought of adding “Sort out my wellbeing” to your to-do list, then help is at hand! Enter wearable tech…

Leanne Spencer and her team at BodyShot Performance, based at Parkhall Business Centre, remove the guesswork around health. Spencer is a big believer in the power of wearable tech to monitor things like daily activity and sleep cycles, so you can make positive changes.

As well as speaking at our WBI Dinner on her work and inspiring podcast, Leanne also hosts events where people can get useful advice on how to improve their wellbeing. She talks about the common problems affecting busy professionals, how to separate stress from burnout, and explains how you can make small changes to your health that have a very significant impact over time.

To find out exactly how Leanne’s ideas can be brought into an everyday working weelk, HomeWork Editor Farah Khalique tried the Bodyshot treatment for herself. Farah tried the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment to keep a track of her health and help her make worthwhile changes. This is what she thought:

“My life can be pretty hectic at times, so I want to get a measure of my stress levels and whether I’m getting enough downtime. I try out the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment, which measures my heart rate variability; I wear a heart monitor for 72 hours straight and fill in a simple daily journal detailing my activities. Apart from when I remove it to take a shower, I mostly forget it’s even there. At the end of the 72 hours, Leanne downloads all the data and walks me through it.

Farah's stats"I’m somewhat alarmed by the sea of red,"

It’s fascinating, I can see my stress responses charted throughout the day (bright red spikes!) as well as my recovery periods (a more calming shade of green). I’m somewhat alarmed by the sea of red, but Leanne reassures me that stress is not necessarily a negative thing. “You want to lift your heart rate up, and do things that are brisk and vigorous,” she says.

Bodyshot Performace Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment

I get a lifestyle assessment score that measures my stress and recovery balance, restorative effects of sleep, health effects of physical activity and energy expenditure. The biggest takeaway for me is that I can get away with less than seven hours’ sleep, but I should hit the pillow before midnight to ensure a good sleep cycle.”

Leanne SpencerBodyshot Performance

Spencer’s advice:

  • Build in additional recovery time during the day. This could be achieved by meditation, breathing exercises or just by taking a break and disconnecting from your devices. Take a break at least every hour and you’ll not only build in more recovery, but will also find your concentration span and productivity improves.
  • Build a bit more high-intensity exercise into your day, as well as moderate exercise and a relatively constant amount of low-level activity. This will aid sleep as well improve your general fitness levels.

Leanne has a podcast available for ‘busy professionals who want to improve their health, fitness and wellbeing using the latest science and technology’ called Remove the Guesswork. In each 30 minute episode she talks with some of the leading names in the health and wellbeing industry about the latest innovations, interviews people who have transformed their health to find out how they did it, plus Leanne shares her own personal story of chronic stress, burnout, career change and subsequent lifestyle transformation.You can download or listen to the podcast here.

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