All entrepreneurs have to develop an eye for design: if something looks good it's more likely to sell, especially online. We've rounded up our top design hacks and tips for making your website stand out.

When you're setting up a business, you have to become an expert in areas that were once totally unfamiliar. Good at tech? Now you'll have to be even better at marketing. Inventor of an amazing new product? You'll have to build a website to sell it.

There are five design factors you should consider when creating your own website.
1. The layout
It’s imperative to think about how best to organise your information for your customers. The 960 grid system is an effort to streamline web development workflow by providing commonly used dimensions. Even the BBC website uses the system. Download the template document with the 960 grid system and use it with whichever programme you are designing your website in.
2. The font

The clearest way to give your site a visual identity is by the font you choose. It has to be both distinctive and readable. Check out the perfectly designed news and comment site where the font is elegant and showcases the information in an easy-to-read fashion by identifying the title, subtitle and opening paragraph using a clear typographic hierarchy.

If you particularly like a font on a site, download the chrome plugin WhatFont. Hover your cursor over the font for typographic illumination.

3. The platform

Some websites are mobile-only, while some products launch on social media before even considering a website. But whichever way you start, your best bet is to prioritise templates that are responsive so your website will work equally well on mobile, tablet or laptop.
4. The images

If you’ve decided to host a blog on your website, you’ll know that sourcing images that are free with no copyright restrictions can be a total pain. Make sure you settle on a certain style of imagery and stick to it. We’d recommend looking at the Flickr resource for a stack of good images.
5. The white space

Don’t crowd information on your page: select what you think your customer needs to read and make it easy for them. Use the white space on your website. Look at the Google page… it’s white and the important function stands out: the search box. Your mantra? Less is more. Not a bore.

Check out these design hacks for busy bees and time-wasters:

Seen a font in use and want to know what it is? Check out What the Font.
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The superfast Lorem Ipsum text generator is so professional it's Lipsum Pro.
Quickly find the hex codes used by popular brands at Brand Colors. Hypnotise yourself with hex codes at Material UI Colours.
Kern your way out of boredom: The Kerning Game.