Panaseer, a cyber security start-up in London, headquartered out of The Print Rooms in Southwark, explains what questions you should be asking about business security.

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The UK startup scene is booming, and London is the place to be. The city has been ranked number one in Europe for supporting start-ups, with digital tech being the fastest growing sector in London. Within this sector are a growing number of cyber security businesses, some of whom will enter the market from early stage accelerators such as CyLon or Government backed programmes such as 'Cyber Safe'.

The Cyber Safe accelerator has been set up as part of Government's wider strategy to support and grow the UK cyber security industry, after George Osborne announced a £1.9bn investment in this area at the end of last year. 

So what’s all the fuss about?

With security breaches on the rise in both large and small businesses, cyber security is not something any organisation can afford to be complacent about.

According to PWC 74% of small businesses suffered from some kind of security breach in 2015; that’s a 14% increase from the previous year.

In order to protect the UK’s economy and infrastructure from the risk of cyber attack, investment in this area is vital.

What can you do?

The Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) is a government-funded organisation providing guidance to businesses of all sizes on various aspects of cyber security. They highlight four key questions you should ask of your business:

1. Who would want access to our information and how could they acquire it?

2. How could they benefit from its use?

3. Can they sell it, amend it or even prevent staff or customers from accessing it?

4. How damaging would the loss of data be? What would be the effect on its operations?

More information on CPNI and links to the UK Government’s ‘Ten Steps to Cyber Security’ document can be found here

Find out more about Panaseer. The security firm gives security leaders a software platform to gain maximum visibility and insight into their enterprise’s security situation, answering the question “How Secure Are We?” and enabling better informed security decisions.