Make sure you're sending the right message to your customers.

A successful business card is one that conveys the right message to the consumer whilst presenting a professional image. It is important to choose a business card that best fits the industry and image that you wish to assume. A well-composed business card allows you to make a good first impression to potential clients.

Choosing your message

The message your business card conveys is one of the most influential cogs in a successful marketing plan. The sheer size of a business card dictates that you will be unable to divulge your company’s entire story, but choosing the right message can make your business card stand out from the crowd.

Choosing a style and a message that is appropriate for your business is also important. For instance, you would not wish to hand out cartoon-style business cards if you were an insurance broker when something more classical and sophisticated would suffice.

Design or simplicity?

This is the conundrum for many when choosing a new business card. Ultimately the reason for distributing your business card is because you want to allow people to contact you. Therefore the use of a clean, uncomplicated design immediately shows that you care about appearance, prompting the recipient to get in touch.

Presenting your contact details

The primary objective of a business card is to present your contact details to the recipient in a clear and effective manner. The unsuccessful business cards are those that hide their contact information away in the corner of the card. Be bold and direct and exude confidence in your product with contact details that leap right off the card.

Spelling and layout

In order to deliver the message your business card intends it is important to consider the layout of your content. While you may be able to include more information using small font that requires a magnifying glass to read, attract their attention with something punchy and well-aligned that doesn’t limit your creativity.

If you are really desperate to include further information about you or your business then don’t be afraid to utilise the space on the back of each card. This is useful for listing services that you offer or to provide a ‘notes’ space where the recipient can write useful things down ensuring your product stays at the forefront of their mind.

The use of perfect spelling and punctuation on a business card cannot be underestimated. There is nothing worse than going to a client meeting and supplying business cards with incorrect e-mail addresses or glaringly obvious typing errors that show a lack of attention to detail.

Leaving an impression

Never forget that your business card is normally your first point of contact with potential clients, so it is crucial that this little piece of card works to leave a big impression. Branding is a key element in marketing and including your business logo onto your business card helps recipients easily identify your business. Although you may choose to design your logo yourself it is always recommended to get your logo designed professionally for maximum effect.

A distinctive, well-written and aesthetically-pleasing business card can open new avenues for reaching out to customers and generating sales in the process.