Stay in contact with contacts


Staying in contact with contacts even when you don't need to contact them can sometimes feel like a chore. However they may come in useful one day so it's best to keep the lines of communication open. Here are some handy ways to stay in touch with as many people as possible.

Networking is important and can’t be consigned to specific occasions. Set aside fifteen minutes a day, at least, to make sure you’re getting in touch with the relevant people. Put people into tiers according to relevancy and adjust accordingly how and how often you get in touch with them. Set reminders in your calendar and drop them an email asking them what’s happening with them and a few lines of your own news.

If you use social media to keep up with industry trends, your clients and potential customers, you can also use that time to make contact with them. You might want to send them your latest blog post but what about reading theirs and sharing it? Everyone love a compliment. Not everyone loves a prod.
If you do want to email them a relevant article, make sure you wrap up your email with a ‘let me know if there’s anything I can do or help with’. 

Invite them to events. Coffees, lunches and drinks are all well and good if you have something specific to discuss but if you don’t why not catch up at a relevant event? You might run into other contacts, or even better, some of theirs.

Use special occasions as reasons to get in touch. We asked Satish Jakayumar (on Twitter @SatishJayakumar) about his tips on staying in contact. He should know - he founded Typeless, which helps you unify the contacts stored in different services into a single cloud based contact book. Check it out here - it's great! Anyway, here's what Satish had to say:

"Both Facebook and LinkedIn alert me to birthdays of my contacts. Birthdays provide a great opportunity to get in touch as there needs be no agenda. But, for the person having (or in some cases enduring) the birthday, it can be quite a stressful day - replying to text messages, liking comments on Facebook, answering phone calls, etc.  So, I typically like to leave it a few days after their birthday to get in touch because I think the message has more impact. Most of us feel a bit down when all that attention we had on our birthday day wears off.  I always wish by email and I try to include something personal. It takes about five minutes of my day but it does mean that when I need to reach out to those people again, I am not doing it out of the blue. It's a bit atypical but it works for me."

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