Introduction to corporate video for SMEs.


Karine Alexander is founder and CEO of Kay Productions, a visual media company who provide services including corporate, film and video production & photography.

As a SME if you are serious about business growth then you should invest in a corporate video because without video you are missing out on the golden opportunity of increasing your customer base, hence increasing sales.

People in today’s society have very busy lifestyles juggling work and family life, therefore don’t have the time or energy to look though heavy text based websites. The information finding process needs to be simple and immediate, through video your company’s brand message is delivered instantaneously.

Save money in advertising and distribution costs because it’s free to market your video online. By posting your video on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo etc you are reaching a global audience at zero cost to you.

Here are ten tips to making corporate video work for your business:

Major advantage over your competitors

Companies with videos are easier to find on the web because there a fewer videos than web pages which explains the high ranking of video sites in Google search results.

Increase internet traffic to your site because 40 percent of traffic comes from video and experts predict that by 2014 this figure will rise to 90 percent. If you don’t have video on your website within the next few years your site may not even feature on major search engines. Without video you have lost the race even before you have left the starting point.

Impress your audience

Through video you connect with a lazy audience who will be impressed because they haven't had to do any work to find out what you are about.

This shows that you are serious about your business and have the imagination to use video to spread your brand message!

Deliver your company’s brand message and key selling messages by engaging the audience directly

Through video this can be achieved with key members of staff talking directly to customers and testimonials from customers endorsing your products/services. This presentation is more convincing than plain text because essentially people buy from people who they trust.

If the audience trust the people in the video they are more than likely to trust the service or product on offer.

Invest in a good production

  • It takes no effort at all to make a bad corporate video.
  • It takes hard work to make a good corporate video.
  • It takes skill and experience to make a great corporate video.

A bad corporate video can seriously damage a company’s reputation and potential customers won’t trust your services. For this reason it’s important to invest in a good production with the right skills and experience.

Choose a production company with a background in advertising or marketing with examples of their work on their website.

Keep the audience’s attention/power of the hook

A video has up to 10 seconds to hook the audience. If your video hasn’t hooked the audience in this time, then you have failed to engage them and they will press the stop button. A video with a meaningful script will translate your company’s selling messages in a memorable and striking fashion.

A good script will keep the audience hooked and should make them want to contact you.

Less is more

A corporate video for a website should be between 1-1½ minutes in length to keep the audience’s attention. Any longer and the audience will lose interest in the message you are communicating and press the stop button.

You can draw comparisons between a good corporate video and a TV commercial short, engaging and memorable!

Save money in advertising costs and increase sales

You should expect to pay from £1,000 for a good basic production which is relatively low compared to advertising on TV or in the national press which costs tens of thousands and can go much higher. For this rate your video should include text, video effects and sound. Editing plays a major role in creating a successful video by constructing the narrative to represent the company's brand message. The visualisation of the company's brand message should encourage the viewer to take action!  For this reason it’s important to invest in a reputable production company with proven results. 

Essentially you get what you pay for, the cheaper the production costs will result in a video that won’t be as dynamic or creative compared to its more expensive counterparts. If you have the finance to invest in a great video then this is the best route to take.

Make social media marketing work for your business

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web and the world’s largest video sharing website. By creating a channel for your company on youtube showing your videos you are reaching a global audience 24/7. Furthermore by embedding your YouTube videos onto your site, any views on your site will get added to the views tally on YouTube.

People who watch video usually forward it to friends and family. According to YouTube there are on average more than 400 tweets per minute containing a YouTube link. Furthermore on Facebook over 150 years worth of YouTube videos are watched every single day.

The potential to increase your customer base using these social media platforms are endless.

Be found

Now that you have a great video you need to spread the word that you are out there otherwise you might as well be buried treasure. You need to ensure your video has Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Optimize your video by writing keywords in to your video titles, description and tags.

Do you want to make a lasting impression at corporate presentations?

Incorporate video into your presentations because video can communicate large amounts of data quickly,  it may be a cliché but pictures are worth a thousand words!