A recruiter takes on average 13 seconds to scan your CV. OK, that was made that up but here's a look at the easiest ways you can stop your CV going straight into the NO pile.

When it comes to CVs, people are busy and they don’t owe you anything.
It’s a bit like Tinder, but instead of looking at your beautiful mug – and it’s risky putting a photo up unless you're applying for a modeling job – they're swiping on the basis of your professional credentials. 
Even if you're happy where you are, job applications are always an interesting process: whether it’s to see what other companies are like, what your skills are worth and with which people you should be networking.

So, here's a look at the easiest ways you can stop your CV going straight into the NO pile.

1. Keep it concise and relevant. 
That means keeping your personal information brief. Your future employer doesn't want to know if you're married, about the nuances of your racial heritage or whether you prefer dogs to cats. That's water cooler chat. They want to know how they can get hold of you and how they can find out more about you. So if you have a website, put it at the top. 
2. Focus on your skills - the relevant ones!
You may know how to tie a cherry stalk into a knot with your tongue (it's cheating if you use your teeth by the way) but this is not relevant unless you're applying for a bit part in a burlesque show. Depending on the job description, it’s best to talk sales, marketing, developer skills, languages and put them in order of importance.  
3. Focus on your experience - the relevant ones!
The same goes for your professional experience. Keep it relevant. 
4. Make sure you sound like someone you'd like to meet.
People are hiring you for your skills and experience but they're also, most importantly, hiring someone they wouldn't mind hanging out with at work every day. So make sure that you don't come across as a twat. Shout out about the netball team for which you're Wing Attack (shows that you're an ambitious team player) or the voluntary work you do (you're caring and unlikely to defraud the company) or the adventurous travelling you've done (you think outside the box). 
5. Spelling and grammar 
Don't make it easy for them to swipe left. Short sentences and spell check will usually resolve all uncertainties. 
However, we're well aware that this advice could easily apply to 1971 as it could to now. So how can you make yourself stand out to that tech conglomerate or forward-thinking startup? We'll look at some ways you can bring your CV up to date tomorrow.